Afternoon comment: The three major indexes fluctuated and the index rose 2.

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68% disinfectant liquid led the rise

Afternoon comment: The three major indexes fluctuated and the index rose 2.

68% disinfectant liquid led the rise

News from Sina Finance News on February 6th, the three major indexes opened mixed. After opening, they quickly weakened, and then oscillated. The disk, pharmaceutical and cloud office sectors led the gains.

The market closed earlier in the morning, and the exponential growth rate expanded. The index rose by more than 2%. In general, individual stocks rose more and less, with more than 100 daily limit.

At the close of the morning, the Shanghai Composite Index was quoted at 2845.

89 points, up 0.

99%; Shencheng Index reported 10505.

43 points, up 1.


59 points, up 2.


  From the surface of the disk, disinfectant, masks, cloud games and other sectors ranked the top of the list, while liquor, automotive, and banking sectors ranked the top of the list.

  Hot sections: 1. Agricultural plantation Dunhuang seed industry closure board, Fengle seed industry, Wanxiang Denong, new farming development, etc. have followed up.

  On the news, on the afternoon of February 5, the “Document No. 1” was released, focusing on agriculture, rural areas, farmers, and development goals in a consistent and clear manner to ensure that a well-off society can be achieved on schedule.

This is also the 17th consecutive year of “Document One” since 2004 focusing on the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” area.

  2. Disinfectants Taihe Technology, Lianchuang Co., Ltd., Yueyang Changxing, and other sealing boards, Binhua Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Thorpe, etc. have all risen prominently.

  According to the news, according to the 杭州桑拿网 official Weibo “Wuhan release” of Wuhan Internet Information Office, the evening news of February 3, Wuhan will be disinfected on a large scale around key areas such as hospitals and markets.Yu Sheng, elimination area is expected to reach more than 5 million square meters.

  News: 1. The General Office of the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on organizing the resumption of business operations of commercial enterprises.

  2. “Pneumonitis diagnosis and treatment plan for new type of coronavirus infection (fifth trial version)”, taking “suspected cases with pneumonia imaging features” as the clinical diagnosis case standard in Hubei Province, which suggests that the diagnosis of new type of coronavirus in Hubei area no longer depends on nucleic acidsTest results.

  3. Foxconn’s China plant will gradually resume production 杭州龙凤网 next week, and it is expected to resume production in another 2-3 weeks.

  4. Xu Ming, general manager of the National Equity Reform Company, stated in a signed article in the “Financial Times” that the merger and transfer of the listing system, the smooth connection of multi-level capital markets, and the role of the NEEQ market.

At present, the CSRC is in the process of publicly seeking opinions on the supplementary procedures for the transfer of listing system in due course.

  5. Yesterday, Ali’s various mobile office applications “Ding Ding” jumped to the top of Apple’s free App Store rankings, WeChat ranked third, and Kingsoft’s WPS Office ranked second.

  6. On February 6, Luyan Pharmaceutical said on the interactive platform that after inquiries, the company had records of sales of Abidol, but did not find records of sales of darunavir.

  7. The entrepreneurial dark horse stated on the interactive platform on February 6 that the company’s “Dark Horse University” app is an online industry acceleration cloud platform and a product for the company’s distance education system.

The platform integrates a number of functions and services such as entrepreneurship laboratory, entrepreneurial consultation room, dark horse class, entrepreneurship quiz and alumni association, so as to solve the core problems encountered in the development of SMEs in a timely and efficient manner.

Due to the current epidemic situation, the company has also opened public welfare courses to help SMEs actively adjust to deal with the impact of the epidemic situation.

  8. On the interactive platform, Asia-Pacific Pharmaceuticals (rights protection) stated that the company was concerned about the “or addition of ribavirin” to the antiretroviral treatment in the treatment plan in the fifth edition of the New Coronavirus Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines.

The company’s antiviral drugs for injection of ribavirin are suitable for viral respiratory infections and infections caused by other viruses, and the company is actively organizing production.

  Market view: CITIC believes that in the short term, as the epidemic situation has not yet been completely controlled and market confidence has not yet fully recovered, the Shanghai Index may form a wide range of shocks around 2800 points.

In the medium and long term, the long-term positive trend of the Chinese economy remains unchanged, and the dividends of the capital market opening up will continue to be released, so the logic of medium and long-term investment has not changed.

In operation, it is recommended that short-term investors appropriately control their positions, wait for market segmentation, and actively deploy the securities firm sector, as well as the recent high-tech sectors such as online education and cloud computing that have gradually strengthened.

For the catering, tourism, and transportation sectors that have been impacted by the disaster and epidemic, we suggest that short-term efforts should still be avoided.

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