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[How to eat pine tree tower?

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】 _How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat pine tree tower?
】 _How to eat_How to eat

People often say that the pine tree tower, also called snake skin pine, or pine tree, specifically refers to the seeds that appear on the pine tree. The pine tree tower is very rich in nutrients, and you can choose protein and carbohydrates. Usually, few people eat pine trees.Tower, pine tree tower can be used as Chinese medicine, regular eating is good for health, has the effect of prolonging the longevity of life, can also moisturize the skin, etc. The following teaches you the correct way to eat pine tree tower.

How to eat pine tree tower?
The general pine tree tower is basically useless. It can be eaten when it is tender. The main ingredient is cellulose. If you have to eat or use it, you can wash it and dry it. It is mainly used as a laxative.

Just brew.

The self-collected pine pollen has no broken wall and maximizes the absorption rate, so it can be eaten through cooking.

Mix the staple food flour, corn flour, sweet potato flour, etc., dry the collected pine pollen, mix with them to make noodles, steamed bread, cakes, etc. after removing impurities.

Pine leaves are generally called pine needles. They can be washed after picking, then dried, and chopped with props (to avoid drinking into the belly).

The pine tree tower is not suitable for use, and it is not even recommended to eat at all. Because the cellulose is too thick, it is difficult to eat or scratch itself.

Will not be poisoned.

Pine pollen is not suitable for picking in streets and places with high environmental pollution. Because of the small amount of food, even some contents are acceptable, and the chance of poisoning is very small.

Unless some of the content is serious.

Can be used as a laxative, with good results and cosmetic effects, but not very obvious.

Pine needles can be used to clear the liver and heads, and to help clear blood lipids, the effect is still better.

Picking also needs to meet the above conditions.

Guozhen pine pollen raw materials are produced on the 1000-meter-high mountain in Qiandao Lake.

Pure natural, no pollution.

Not all pine tree pollen is edible, only the seedlings of Pinus massoniana and Pinus massoniana can be ingested directly, and Thousand Island Lake pine is mainly dominated by Masson pine.

Pine nut is not only a delicious food, but also a good therapeutic product. Pine nut contains more than 100 ingredients that are beneficial to the human body. It has a unique nutrition and health function, so it has the reputation of “longevity fruit”.

1. Jiannaozhizhi pine nuts are rich in phospholipids, unsaturated fatty acids, multivitamins and minerals, which have the functions of promoting cell development and repairing damage.

It is a good health supplement for children, adolescents, and the elderly.

2, anti-lifelong pine nut kernels are rich in vitamin E, can inhibit lipid peroxidation in cells and on cell membranes, protect cells from damage to metabolic free radicals, and replace many important enzymes in cells to maintain normal functions. Therefore, pine nutsKernel has anti-aging effect.

3, emollient beauty pine nuts are rich in “cosmetic acid”-linoleic acid and linoleic acid.

Can moisturize the skin and increase skin elasticity, replacing skin aging.

In addition, linolenic acid is rich in vitamin E, which can reduce the change and destruction of many important components of cells by “free radicals”, reduce cell aging, reduce and prevent the production and deposition of lipofuscin, and promote the secretion of hormones.

Therefore, pine nuts have the effect of emollient and beauty.

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