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Shuanghui Development (000895): Q2 pig price grows rapidly, company’s short-term profit is under pressure

Event: The company announced the 2019 Interim Report, with a total operating income of 254 in the first half of the year.

5.5 billion yuan, an increase of 7.

26%, net profit attributable to mother 23.

82 trillion, the same minus 0.

16%, ROE is 17.

55%, EPS is 0.

72 yuan.

Of which Q2’s total operating income was 134.

81 trillion, with an increase of 15.

50%, net profit attributable to mother 11.

02 billion.

Affected by the rapid rise in pig prices, Q2 slaughtering volume and head profit increased.

2019 H1 company slaughter income is 150.

3.9 billion, an annual increase of 7.

79%, with a slaughter volume of 857.

790,000 heads, an increase of 3 per year.


According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, affected by African swine fever, the number of pigs slaughtered in the first half of this year fell by 25.

8%, promote the rapid growth of pig prices, the company’s Q2 slaughter volume of 385.

09 million heads, a decrease of 11 a year.

57% in the second quarter.

47 yuan, an increase of 16 yuan per year, a decrease of 38 yuan.

Although the company 厦门夜网 has used a small amount of low-priced inventory, its head-to-head profit has still significantly narrowed.

In the first half of the year, due to the Sino-US trade friction, the tariff rate on imported frozen meat was increased to 62%, which affected the company’s frozen product imports.

However, since August, the price of hogs has continued to rise and has reached a historical high of 22 yuan / kg. While further increasing the cost pressure of the company, it has also widened the hog price gap between China and the United States, even in the case of considering the impact of tariffThe cost advantage of pork imports in the United States is also becoming more and more obvious. It is expected that the company’s frozen product imports in the second half of the year are expected to increase, stabilizing pressure on cost growth.

Optimization of high-temperature product structure and cost increase profitability of front-end meat products.

In terms of meat products, 2019H1 total revenue was 119.

3.0 billion, an annual increase of 4.

21%, of which high-temperature products income 76.

6.5 billion, an annual increase of 7.

52%, low-temperature product income 42.

38 billion, a ten-year average of 1.

29%, high temperature products perform better, while low temperature products are still in the adjustment stage.

The overall sales of meat products in the first half of the year were basically unchanged from the same period last year, of which Q2 sales were about 40 inches.

In terms of ton prices, due to two price increases in 2019H1, coupled with better promotion of new products of high temperature products, and optimization of product structure, the ton price of meat products increased by 4pct in the first half of the year, but due to the increase in costs, it still faces profitability of meat products.Capacity, the operating profit of meat products in the first half fell 16.

80pct to 19.

4.2 billion.
Earnings forecast and investment suggestions: Reduce the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to 1.
55, 1.

64, 1.

89 yuan, corresponding to PE is 14X / 13X / 12X. Due to the impact of African swine fever on the company’s cost end in the short term, the company’s level is adjusted to “overweight” level.

Risk warning: food safety risks, African swine fever epidemic intensifies

Tianmu Lake (603136): Leading Strategy for Private Scenic Spotlight Focuses on “Deluxe Leisure Travel Destination Operators”

The company is a privately-run listed company operating in scenic spots. Its main attractions are hot spring operations and hotel business. The actual controller Meng Guangcai holds 51 shares.

45%, the equity is relatively concentrated.

Most of the management team are founding shareholders with rich management and market experience.

Tianmu Lake’s stock business has reached a mature stage, with an average annual growth of 20%.

We estimate that the release of the stock business performance can maintain an average annual growth rate of nearly 20%. Among them, the growth of passenger flow and the increase in customer orders average about 8%, the scale effect is about 8%, and the cost optimization is about 2%.

The company’s 16/17/18 revenue was 4.



8.9 billion, respectively increased by -0.

27% / 9.

22% / 6.

24%; 16/17/18 deducted non-returned mother’s net profit is 0.



9.4 billion, an increase of 31.

35% / 21.

90% / 12.


In the fourth quarter of 2018, the company carried out observation and maintenance in a single quarter to increase employee salaries, resulting in a significant decrease in net profit (only 0 in a single quarter).

(03 billion profit, 48% reduction in one year), the impact of one-time events is limited, and the company will return to growth in the future.

Revenue is mainly from the business of large scenic spots, accounting for 74%.

The proportion of secondary consumption gradually increased, and the “ticket economy” was gradually realized.

For 18 years, the company has contributed revenue by big attractions / hotels / travel agencies / others.




2.1 billion, accounting for 74% / 19% / 3% / 4% respectively.

According to product categories, Shanshui Garden / Nanshan Zhuhai / Hot Springs / Water World / Hotel / Travel Agency contributed revenue1.







2.1 billion, accounting for 33% / 26% / 11% / 3% / 19% / 3% / 4%.

Ticket income accounts for less than 50% of the revenue of major attractions and about 25% of total revenue. The company has gradually realized the “ticket economy”.

Fundraising project 2.

400 million, the second phase of Yushui Hot Spring is expected to be put into operation at the end of 19, and it is expected to increase its performance by 2020 to about 35 million.The new project focuses on high-end customers and is expected to cost more than 2500 yuan per unit (in the past, the business unit price was 300 to 500 yuan).

The total investment of the second phase of the hot spring project is 2.

40 billion (IPO fundraising 2.

It is expected to be completed and put into operation in December 19th. The new project will focus on the high-end market, with an annualized revenue of about 83.22 million and an annualized profit after tax of about 37.8 million.

We estimate that in 2020/2021, it is expected to contribute 731.381.15 million in revenue and 348.4 / 3杭州桑拿926 million in profit after tax.

Convertible bond items 3.

2.2 billion. It is planned to build a sightseeing tour bus and upgrade the ropeway. It is conservatively estimated that the increase in performance in 2021 will be about 45 million.

The total investment of Shanshuiyuan sightseeing tram and Nanshan Zhuhai cableway upgrade project3.

2.2 billion (300 million yuan in convertible bonds). It is conservatively estimated that the two projects will be completed by the end of 2020 and the annualized profit after tax will be about 53.48 million.

We estimate that the sightseeing tram / ropeway upgrade project will contribute 30.94 / 1452 million in after-tax profits in 2021, which is expected to contribute a total of 45.46 million in after-tax profits.

The strategy focuses on “light luxury leisure destination 南京桑拿网 operators” and gradually realizes the expansion from 1 to N.

Around the first- and second-tier cities, there is a lack of high-quality leisure and tourism products, and the market space is huge.

The demand for high-end leisure travel for tourists has increased, but the total market supply of light luxury products. shows that the number of peripheral travel products in the Beijing / Yangtze River Delta / Pearl River Delta region with unit prices exceeding 2,000 yuan accounted for nearly 2 respectively.

36% / 2.

07% / 2.


Tianmu Lake’s ability to deeply cultivate a single scenic spot has been verified, and it is expected to become a light luxury leisure destination operator in the future, with expansion from 1 to N.

The company’s cash flow is relatively higher than that of its peers, with a high proportion of accounts received in advance and a clear margin of safety.

Strong profitability, low asset-liability ratio, and great potential for future expansion.

The company’s operating cash flow / deductible non-returned net profit continued to more than doubled, and its 18 years of pre-revenue / revenue reached 7.

5%, the quality of performance is higher than peers.

The company’s ROE continued to rise above 13%, and its ROA rose to 9 in 18 years.

2%, asset-liability ratio decreased by 20.

2%, considering that the long-term borrowing rate is less than 5%, which is much higher than the ROA level, and has a long-term expansion potential.

Profit forecast and investment advice: Buy rating.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit after deduction of non-return to mother in 19-21 is 1.



6.6 billion, with a growth rate of 37% / 45% / 42% and a CAGR of 44%, corresponding to a PE of 23/16/11.

Considering the growth of the company’s expansion and the expected safety margin, we think its reasonable market value in 19 years is 5.2 billion, with a target price of 64 yuan, corresponding to a PE valuation of 40 times.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of attraction tickets and ropeway charging standards, force majeure risk, franchise renewal risk, security risk, macroeconomic fluctuation risk

Vantage Holdings (002035): Bottom Opportunity Layout Awaits Prosperity

Investment thinking: waiting for the turning point.

In 19Q1, the company’s fundamental support was insufficient. At that time, it was estimated that the uplink and uplink had a certain run-up meaning; the market risk appetite brought by the general environment had decreased, and the company’s valuation has recently approached the historical bottom area again.

19H2 is ahead of schedule, and the completion of the second, third and fourth lines is expected to gradually materialize. Q2 may be the bottom of the company’s operating fundamentals.

The estimated level of relative safety + the expected improvement in operating fundamentals, it is recommended to focus on observation and layout.

The improvement of the business climate has yet to be confirmed.

According to the China Merchants Real Estate Group’s view, corresponding to the rebound of new construction in 2016, the completion of projects in 2019 is an absolute volume or an overlapping growth rate, which will bottom out; and the completion of the first half of the year will continue to be less than expected, or create a super market in the second halfExpected pick up.

According to company surveys, Vantage continued its Q1 revenue growth trend in April, and the revenue end of May has returned to positive. The 618 online promotion effect has been significant. The company’s operations may have shown signs of improvement, and Q3 is expected to be more optimistic.

The company’s strategic layout is long-term, and its internal operations continue to improve.

1) The 18H2 company is committed to channel integration, and the secondary distributors are transformed into terminal operators to improve the efficiency of the entire industry chain. Establish a retail management center to change the terminal management and control. The current overall channel inventory level is about 3 months, which is overall benign.

2) Established product development center and technology development platform, attaching great importance to technological innovation and layout of new categories.

3) Since the completion of the transfer of new and old management power in 2016, the adjustment and replacement of the company’s middle and senior staff have been basically completed. The new blood has brought vitality to the company. The rapid development of the water heater category is also the achievement of the company’s active introduction of talents from the 深圳丝袜会所 outside.
Bottom line thinking to estimate company performance, July 2019.

700 million + expected.

The company has two characteristics that show the expected anti-periodical properties: 1) The water heater category can increase ASP and market share through the enhancement of endogenous product power and brand power; 2) The cost end is higher than competing companies, which can be achieved through internalThe improvement will continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and increase profitability.

If only the water heater revenue + 25% (price + 10% volume + 15%) is considered, and the rest of the segment is generally the same as last year, the income end is expected to + 5% to 64 billion; if the smoke stove products achieve rapid recovery under the improvement trend of real estate completionGive the income end + 10% to 6.7 billion as the expected cap.

In 2018, the 青岛夜网 company’s net profit attributable to its parent was 11.

1%. In 2019, considering the price increase of water heaters, the price advantage of raw materials, and internal cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, it is expected to increase by 1 pct +, corresponding to the net profit attributable to the mother.

800 million (+ 14%?
+ 18%); corresponding to the current market value of about 13?
14x PE, below the 15% quantile of the company’s historical forecast level since 2015.

Maintain a highly recommended-A grade.

Risk Warning: Real Estate Completion Improves Less Than Expected, Industry Competition Pattern Deteriorates

The stomach is flat and uncomfortable. How to relieve it?

Everyone will have experience of flatulence, and flatulence will make you have no appetite and feel uncomfortable, so do you know what is going on?
What are the causes of flatulence? 1 Gastrointestinal bacteria produce 25% of gastroenteritis, and patients with gastric ulcers may have symptoms of flatulence after illness. This may be due to excessive reproduction of intestinal bacteria.
Gastroenteritis can destroy your defense system, allowing more bacteria to enter the small intestine, causing excessive reproduction.
Excessive bacteria produce gas that causes flatulence.
2 eating a misunderstanding of fructose may cause gas, causing flatulence.
Fruits such as watermelon, apple, pear and mango are rich in glucose and fructose.
If you are a person who is prone to flatulence after taking fructose, you should eat fruits with a balanced balance of fructose and glucose, such as bananas and blueberries.
3 lack of exercise throughout the day sedentary do not love activities, will make the gastrointestinal lazy, intestinal gas is difficult to discharge smoothly.
Active body activity will drive the muscles of the digestive tract and accelerate gas emissions.
Studies have shown that people who walk for an hour after a meal have a significantly faster digestion rate and a smoother bowel.
4 In an emergency state, the blood flowing into the gastrointestinal tract is reduced and the digestion speed is slowed down.
In addition, heavy pressure will make your breathing heavy, inhaling more gas than usual, causing flatulence.
In order to feel comfortable, you can exhale for a longer time, and the inhalation time is shorter, allowing the body to enter a more calm state.
Stomach flatulence can not eat what 1 increase the burden of the stomach of the food such a food has a significant feature is that the nutritional value is relatively high, high protein, high calorie, high fat is a prominent feature of this type of food.
These foods are usually very healthful for the human body, but this is based on the premise that the digestive system works well.
If the stomach is flatulent, then the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract is already relatively strong. If you carry out more complicated and intense digestive work, it is more than acceptable for our stomach.Avoid ingesting this type of food.
2 Spicy and irritating foods After these foods enter the stomach, they may cause a certain degree of damage to our mucosal tissue, and this damage is difficult to repair at one time, which is very troublesome to handle.
So in order to avoid this strong stimulation, we better not to eat such food.
How to relieve flatulence? If you feel flatulence in the abdomen, you can apply a hot water bag to the abdomen or apply some essential oil. Press the stomach in one direction, massage for about 3 minutes. If the flatulence is serious, you can take a proper amount.It can help intestinal movement, promote venting and relieve bloating.
Be careful to keep warm and prevent cold.
Drinking plenty of water and drinking more water is conducive to promoting the peristalsis and digestive function of the intestines, which in turn can exert the effect of venting and relieve the discomfort of liver flatulence. However, it is recommended to drink water in a small mouth and slow drink.The daily drinking water reaches about 2000 ml.
Do some simple exercises to do simple soothing exercise, can help promote digestion of the stomach, relieve the feeling of bloating in the stomach, kneel and bend your legs with your hands, and stick your thighs close to your stomach for a few minutes.
Or feel that when the suffocating air is flatulent, pay attention to walking and moving, you can keep the gastrointestinal tract, and take a walk, you can effectively vent.
Drink a cup of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar, or add a cup of water to the vinegar, dilute it and slowly drink it. The flatulence in the stomach can be quickly relieved, but be careful not to drink on an empty stomach, otherwiseGastrointestinal is too irritating, especially those with too much stomach acid.
If you drink too much citrus tea or lemonade, or if your diet is too greasy, you can drink some citrus tea or lemonade to help promote digestion, which has a similar effect to apple cider vinegar.
Drink a cup of bergamot, old fragrant water, Buddha hand into the liver, spleen, stomach three meridians, rational gasification, vomiting and bloating, Shugan Jianpi, and the stomach more medicinal functions.
For indigestion, chest and abdomen swelling, there is a significant effect.
Chaoshan folks pass on from generation to generation: after the meal, the bergamot old fragrant scented soaked in water, sour and sweet, can promote digestion and absorption, has a good effect on relieving abdominal flatulence.
Carefully simmered into a paste can be flushed to drink / ready to eat> Click here to buy

Tremella mushroom guide pig lean broth

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Tremella mushroom guide pig lean broth

Ingredients: 25 grams of white fungus, 30 grams of mushrooms, 1 pig pancreas, 60 grams of pork lean meat.

  Production: Dip the Tremella water, wash, and pick a small flower; the mushrooms are soaked in water, washed, and stalked; pig pancreas, pig lean meat washed, sliced, slightly marinated with oil and salt.

Put the white fungus and mushroom into the pot, add some water, boil for 10 minutes, add the pig’s pancreas, pig lean meat, simmer until the meat is cooked, transfer to the fine fish sauce and MSG, and eat.

  Efficacy application: nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, Shengjin and cough.

For lung and kidney yin deficiency, virtual fire endogenous, Zheng Jian dry cough and less phlegm, throat dry thirst, sputum with blood and so on.

  First, different regions are adapted to local conditions1.

Northeastern Region: The northeastern region is located in the northernmost part of the region, which is the region with the highest latitude. This region has a short summer time and relatively relative winter time. The formula can increase the white fungus to 30 grams and the mushroom to 40 grams.


Northwest Territories: The climate is dry, windy sand, and sunshine is redundant, which can increase the white fungus in this formula to 35 grams.


Central Region: The climate is highly mild and there is too much sunshine, which can reduce the amount of pigs in this formula to half.


Southeast: The climate is humid and the rainfall is abundant, which can increase the lean meat in this formula to 80 grams.


Southwest: It is rainy, the climate is hot and humid, and you can eat spicy and sour taste. You can change the fish sauce and MSG in the formula into chicken essence and tamper with chopped green onion.

  Second, different constitutions due to body selection.

Qi deficiency constitution: people with qi deficiency, muscle weakness, physical weakness, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy to sweat, not cold and heat.

The white fungus in this side increased to 35 grams.


Blood deficiency constitution: People with blood deficiency are pale, dry skin, insomnia and dreams, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

In this side, the white fungus is reduced to 20 grams, and the mushroom is increased to 35 grams.


Yin deficiency constitution: people with yin deficiency are thin and afraid of heat, hands and feet are hot, temperament is irritating, insomnia and dreams.

In this side, the white fungus is increased to 35 grams, and the mushroom is reduced to 25 grams.


Yang deficiency constitution: the population of yang deficiency is not thirsty, the shape is cold and warm, the limbs are not warm, and the hair is easy to fall.

In this side, the white fungus is reduced to 20 grams, and the lean meat is increased to 80 grams.

  Third, different ages have different foods.

Adolescents: Adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, and the air is vigorous. The body fluid is superfluous and can be eaten twice a day.


Middle-aged: The piglet is reduced to half, and the lean meat is increased to 80 grams.


Older people: The body’s metabolism and excretion function are reduced, which can reduce pig insulin to half, and pig lean meat to 50 grams.

This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health net health channel

Seven cation emotions that shorten your life


Bad mood NO.

1: Hostile experts found that: “Enemy sentiment” caused concern, every 1% increase in pessimism, the risk of heart disease increased by 6 substitutes.

Because the long-term stagnation of “hostile sentiment” will damage the body’s immune system, it will also exert pressure on the heart system, which will seriously damage the heart.

Solution: Practice the mind, and the mind is peacefully cooperating with others, knowing that you can become a person’s achievement.

Bad mood NO.

2: The emotional out of control caused by medical experts is called “alternative emotional disorder” refers to emotional diseases caused by weather changes.

Especially in the winter, the sun shines for a short time, and the scenery of all things is bleak. At this time, men who are particularly sensitive to the environment and climate will have symptoms of depression, extreme fatigue, lethargy and greed and loss of interest in everything.Will cause the normal function of the body to decline.

Solution: exercise and massage, refuse a single diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, enjoy the sun and participate in outdoor activities.

And improve the indoor natural light and fully enjoy the winter fun, such as fire, books and music.

Bad mood NO.

3: The amount of anger is much higher. The B vitamins associated with energy metabolism are consumed too much, and the lack of vitamin B1 leads to temper and forgetfulness.

The lack of B3 is related to fear, and the lack of B6 leads to a decline in thinking ability.

In addition, when the meat is eaten more, the level of adrenaline in the body will increase, and it will be more likely to make people angry.

Solution: Add rose tea or hawthorn single foam, add beer in moderation.

Lotus root is a good product, radish raw (such as stomach disease can be called radish soup) is also a natural anger.

Bad mood NO.

4: Sadness From a scientific point of view, people feel sad because of the long-term imbalance of amino acids in the body.

In addition, if the lack of magnesium in the body is also a potential cause of sadness.

Solution: Thick bone soup, vitamin C will help to suppress sadness.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that there are more than 20 types of foods ingested daily, of which no less than five kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Bad mood NO.

5: Suspicious and suspicious people are still uneasy, which causes loss of appetite and nutritional problems.

The study found that vegetarianism affects the use of energy by cells and disrupts the synthesis and release of neurotransmitters in brain tissue, making it easier to increase suspicion.

In addition, long-term lack of zinc in the diet may also lead to emotional instability and suspiciousness.

Solution: Appropriate eating of meat and marine products can improve mood, and occasionally eating a small amount of snacks can also make people’s psychological safety index rise.

Bad mood NO.

6: Depressed blood sugar in the blood of the ecstasy can lead to depression.

In addition, mercury poisoning is also an important cause of depression, such as the mushroom head, the dry fungus may contain mercury, enough to cause men’s emotional disaster.

Solution: Add enough carbohydrates, preferably cereals.

In addition, when eating dried vegetables such as mushroom fungus, soak for at least 10 minutes and rinse repeatedly with running water.

Bad mood NO.

7: Do you fear men will feel scared?

Of course, and they often surround fear, but they don’t express it easily.

In the event of letting men feel fear and uneasiness, the biggest worry is that in terms of career development, the stress caused by work is also the most harmful to their health.

Another thing that men fear is to lose their independence and must rely on the care of others. When men have problems with their health, they are more afraid than women.

Solution: Keep in touch with friends and family, and decompress yourself at the right time.

Ask a psychiatrist for help if necessary. Positive and Negative Emotions Affect Life Length An important study in 2001 called “Sister Study” explores the relationship between positive emotions in our early years and our overall longevity.

The researchers looked for 180 nuns (sisters are good subjects because they live in a more regular environment).

Psychologists studied the diaries written by the 180 nuns in their 20s and found clues about the positive emotions revealed inside them.

They progressively staged the nuns: one group had more positive emotions and the other group had less positive emotions.

Then compare the positive emotions at a young age with the mortality rate after 60 years, when the nuns who are still alive are about 80 to 90 years old.

The researchers found that only 10 of the group of nuns with less positive emotions were alive; but the group of nuns with more positive emotions still lived up to 25 people!

When comparing all 180 nuns, nuns with more positive emotions live an average of 10 years older than a group!

If we compare it to other factors that are harmful to health, we know that smoking will probably reduce life expectancy by 10 years, and obesity will extend life expectancy by about 7 to 10 years.

From this it can be roughly inferred how great the impact of “instant mood” on people’s life!

Positive and negative emotions need to balance the famous emotional expert – John of Seattle University.

Professor Gottman, who had studied the personality of a couple of 15 minutes between the couples, then his team used to score the emotional interaction between the couples, and used positive, alternative emotions as a baseline to predict 10After the year, which couples will be divorced, and the couple will still be together.

In 1992, Professor Gottman pointed out that in a marriage or love relationship, if the ratio of positive and indirect emotional interaction between husband and wife is five to one, the couple will grow old.

If it is lower than this ratio, or even positive, allowing the emotion to approach one to one, then the couple is likely to divorce.

Ten years later, in 2002, the research team found that their prediction accuracy was as high as 94%!

Such correct predictions are very rare achievements for any psychologist!

Think about it, just look at the 15-minute personality of a couple, you can predict that after 10 years, they will continue to be together or divorce, knowing how positive and negative emotional interaction ratio has a profound impact on human behavior!

It’s not just about marriage or love, it’s the same for general relationships.

And this principle applies equally to workplace relationships.

We are fortunate to increase positive emotions in life, not as difficult as losing weight or quitting smoking.

It just takes a little bit of hard work, and from now on, everyone can start to do it.


Anti-fatigue does not have to eat supplements

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There are many symptoms of chronic fatigue, and its formation is closely related to factors such as long-term work stress and irregular living habits. Personal care is very important for preventing fatigue. How should we properly adjust it?

Some patients often ask me: “Doctor, I am always very tired, do not want to do anything, do not move, I am not very empty, should make up a supplement?

In fact, many people’s fatigue is not a simple physical deficiency. Dietary nutrition is not a simple supplement. The key is to regulate the imbalance of the body through a reasonable diet.

The general principle of anti-fatigue eating porridge diet is nutritional balance, regular eating.

In daily life, it can replace some anti-fatigue foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals, dried fruits, meat and poultry foods and some traditional Chinese medicines with a combination of medicinal and edible properties, which can be reasonably matched and cooked to overcome the anti-fatigue effect.

Maizao Anshen porridge Here we recommend a home-based diet-porridge that is both correct and easy to eat and delicious.

Porridge has good anti-fatigue and health-care effects. Patients with “chronic fatigue syndrome”, including the general population, can properly replace and match some porridge foods in daily diet to resist fatigue.

Maizao Anshen porridge jujube 10, 30 grams of wheat, add water to make it.

Efficacy: This porridge originated from the ancient Chinese medicine “Golden lack of essentials” Ganmai jujube soup, with the effect of calming the nerves, suitable for long-term overtime, upset, impetuous, chronic years of sleep.

People who do not have diabetes can add 15 grams of bee lily jujube to help sleep porridge lily, 30 grams of fried garlic dates (package), 50 grams before the rice, add water to make.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening and helping sleep, and can be used as an auxiliary diet for people with insomnia.

Yam lotus seed spleen porridge 15 grams, 15 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of rice, 30 grams of soybeans.

After the soy is soaked in water, it is ground to make soy milk, and soy pulp is used to make yam, lotus seeds and rice.

Efficacy: It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the skin. It is suitable for people with weak spleen and dull complexion.

Red bean barley dehumidification porridge red bean 30 grams, fried coix seed 30 grams, 15 grams of pueraria, 15 grams of yam, before 50 grams of rice, add water to make.

Efficacy: It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dehumidification, and is suitable for people with spleen deficiency and wetness, thick and greasy tongue coating, and dizziness and fatigue.

Lily white fungus moisturizing porridge lily 15 grams, white fungus 3 grams, 15 grams of medlar, has 50 grams of rice, add water to make it.

Efficacy: It has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dry eyesight. It is suitable for people who work overtime or long-sighted electronic products, dry mouth and unclear eyes.

People who do not have diabetes can add the right amount of honey when they eat.

Tips for people with diabetes or unstable blood sugar should not drink porridge, such as drinking, it is best to remove the previous rice and other ingredients, specifically consult a Chinese medicine practitioner; gastroesophageal reflux patients should not drink more porridge; although porridge is good, the general population should also drink porridgeAppropriate, it is not appropriate to drink.

Reasonable and appropriate exercise can resist fatigue Although reasonable and appropriate exercise has anti-fatigue effect, it is generally not recommended to perform high-intensity fitness or exercise indoors.

It is best to carry out aerobic exercise in a fresh outdoor air when the weather is better.

Not only can exercise, but also relax muscles, relieve mood and relieve fatigue.

The ways to fight fatigue include walking, jogging, climbing, gymnastics, yoga, swimming, playing and so on.

In addition, some traditional sports such as Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Tai Chi Chuan, etc. have the effect of relieving fatigue and enhancing physical fitness.

You can choose a good exercise habit according to your own preferences, physical condition and environmental facilities.

Recommend a simple anti-fatigue exercise.

Anti-fatigue exercise 1.

The erect gradually moves the tip of both feet, shoulder width, and the hands naturally hang down on the side of the body.

Inhale, hands up on the side of the body, try to contract; exhale, hands drooping to the side of the body, repeated alternately.


The forearm lifts the tip of the foot and is shoulder-width apart, and the hands naturally hang down on the side of the body.

With both hands forward, lift up, and at the same time keep the level, turn the wrist clockwise one turn, then turn the wrist counterclockwise one turn, hands down to the body side, alternating alternately.


Lift your legs and stretch your feet, shoulder width, left hand to support the support, right foot to move the right leg forward and upward, turn the ankle clockwise one turn, then turn the ankle counterclockwise one turn, right footDrive the right leg back to its original position.

The right foot drives the right leg to the side of the body and lifts back.

The right foot lifts the right leg to the back side and lifts back.Then change the right hand to hold the support, and lift the left leg in the same way.


The waist is twisted and the tip of the foot is wide, shoulder width, and the hands are held on the lumbosacral part.

Turn the waist clockwise, turn it back, turn it counterclockwise, and alternate.

Anti-fatigue should learn to take the initiative to rest. People often ask: “Doctor, I am too tired recently, but I have slept for a whole day. After I got up, I still feel that my head is very dull and tired.

“It is true that relieving fatigue requires rest and needs to sleep. However, rest is not a simple “sleeping feeling”. It is an efficient rest to be able to relieve fatigue.

How should we take the initiative to rest?

First of all, it is necessary to arrange the schedule of work and rest. It is especially important to sleep when you sleep. It is especially important to ensure good sleep habits and sleep quality.

If you have a sleep problem, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

According to the individual’s physical condition, preferences and the nature of the work, choose some active rest methods, such as listening to music, sit-in, meditation, exercise, etc., to really relieve the effect of rest, thus effectively relieving fatigue.

Physical workers also need to use mental brain laborers to use more brains, prone to brain fatigue, and should restore energy through reasonable exercise.

Physical laborers are moving every day. Is it necessary to eat as long as you eat well and sleep well?

the answer is negative.

Physical workers are engaged in a single labor for many years. Some local tissues and organs of the body are prone to strain, and other parts of the body are replaced by activities, which may cause imbalance of muscle strength.

Therefore, the physical labor must be based on balanced nutrition, take the initiative to rest, exercise properly, and take some balanced exercise methods to strengthen the balance training of muscles.

In addition, different methods of nursed back to health can be adopted according to the military manual labor methods.


The weight required for teachers and other occupations, the waist and leg muscles are easily strained, and the symptoms such as backache and leg pain are prone to occur; the blood flow in the lower limbs is not smooth, and the varicose veins of the lower extremities are easily caused.

Usually pay attention to the more active lower limbs, you can choose to walk, jog and other sports; at rest, the lower limbs can be raised to promote blood flow to the lower limbs.


Office workers and other people who need to sit for a long time, should choose jogging, swimming, playing and other systemic exercises to promote the circulation of blood.


Drivers, water workers, etc., their working environment is noisy, labor intensity is high, technical strength, physical exertion, and mental stress is also high, prone to headache, muscle pain, insomnia, etc., should choose a soothing exercise, such as walking, Tai Chi, yoga, etc., so that the body can relax at the same time.

To fight against fatigue, we should abide by the principle of “combination of the gods and the gods” and “natural nature of the Tao”. We should comprehensively nurse from the aspects of diet, exercise, rest and flirting, but we must not be excessive and deliberate. We must be good at listening to the body and learn to give necessary maintenance.Naturally and rationally live each day.

Tips to relax some patients never eat junk food, food mix is very reasonable, diet on time, strictly quantitative, careful health notes, try to follow expert guidance, daily regular, regular exercise, can be described as a model patient.

But often feel flustered, chest tightness, dizziness, or restless sleep, etc., the examination can not find any problems, the patient is very surprised.

In fact, such patients often don’t know how to relax themselves. The subconscious is a state of tension, which is a type that is easy to strain.

The brain is the highest command of the human body. If the command is out of order, it is too tight, and other organs will be at a loss. These patients can rest and relax in a variety of ways to fight fatigue.

Sweet and sour tomato healthy slimming

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Sweet and sour tomato healthy slimming

Because lycopene in tomatoes can reduce accumulation, reduce excessive accumulation, and supplement multivitamins to maintain a balanced body, so slimming men and women will transfer their enthusiasm to tomatoes this summer.

  ”Tomato slimming” advocates eating a tomato before meals. The food fiber contained in it is not digested and absorbed by the human body. It can prevent the body from absorbing a small amount of feces in the food while reducing the intake of rice and high-conversion. The unique sour taste of the tomato can also beIt stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, promotes gastrointestinal motility, helps to burn slightly, and helps the dietary fiber in the tomato to absorb excess aunt in the intestine, so that the feces and excretion are excreted together.

Each 100 grams of tomato contains 16 calories, even if you eat a medium-sized (250g) tomato, only 40 calories, equivalent to 1/5 of a bowl of rice.

Apples of the same weight contain 107 kcal conversions, and it is estimated that the conversion of tomatoes is less than half that of apples.

Generally, it is a basic practice to eat a medium-sized tomato before meals. It can also be replaced by 180-250cc of salt-free tomato juice, such as reducing tomato juice to make a whole tomato and vegetable juice.