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[Encyclopedia of cold lactone tofu]_ cold lactone tofu _ home practice _ production method

Most of the tofu that people eat is usually marinated with brine. Now people use gluconic acid instead of hydration tofu. Even lactone tofu, lactone tofu has many advantages compared to ordinary tofu, including higher protein content and eatingThe taste is very fresh, the taste is very good, and it is very healthy.

First, the practice of cold lactone tofu 1, prepare the ingredients, a box of fat tofu, a pine egg, 2 coriander cleaned and used.

2. Turn over the inside fat tofu, cut off a little on each of the 4 corners, and squeeze it by hand to let the air enter the box.

Turn over and remove the seal from the box.

3. Use a knife to divide the tofu evenly into 1cm thick tofu pieces. This step can be done on a plate.

4, chopped pineapple eggs and chopped parsley, put on tofu, topped with vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil on it!

The red pepper is just used for embellishment. If you also want this dish to look better, it is recommended to use a non-spicy pepper.

Second, cold lactone tofu / more practices 1.

Steamed tofu in boiling water for five minutes 2.

Cut out the box and flip it out, slice it into a plate with a knife 3.

Shredded cucumber 4.

Peanut rice cooked and cut into pieces of peanut 5.

Use salt, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, and pepper oil to prepare the seasoning juice6.

Spread cucumbers on tofu and sprinkle with crushed peanuts 7.

Pour on the sauce.

Three, a box of cold lactone tofu material, a box of lactone tofu, sea rice, shallots, parsley, seafood soy sauce, soy sauce, spicy oil, sesame oil, sugar.

Method 1: Pour the lactone tofu out of the box, clean the water and cut into small cubes.

2. Cut the shallots and parsley into pieces and sprinkle on tofu.

3. Put some oil in the pan, fry the sea rice slightly, remove it, and sprinkle it on the tofu.

4, juice: a little more seafood soy sauce, a portion of raw soy, spicy oil (added according to taste), a little sugar, a drop of sesame oil, stir the juice well.

5. Pour the juice evenly on the tofu.

銆 愰 Floating 餳 摑 stomping his father’s pot 抭 桱 抱 楦 壣 _ pick up 庝 箞 歘 悘 傡 傘 傡 悡 悍 悍 綍?

[How can chestnut be preserved?

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】 _How to save_Save method

[How can chestnut be preserved?
】 _How to save_Save method

It’s now mid-September, and it’s beginning to fall into the autumn. At this time, the weather is gradually getting colder, so you must remember to add clothes in time.

In this season, there are many and many delicious foods, and sometimes fresh crabs are one of the best choices for people.

At the same time, everyone can eat very delicious chestnuts.

So, how can chestnuts be kept intact?

1. Keep fresh chestnuts in a ventilated place in a ventilated environment. It is not easy to be damaged. When storing, fresh chestnuts should be placed in a ventilated place to dry for 2 to 3 days, and then find a ventilated cloth bag and put the freshPut the chestnut in a cloth bag, and finally hang the cloth bag in a cool and ventilated environment. Change it once or twice a day, so that the fresh chestnut can be stored for four or five months without deterioration.

2. Refrigerated storage Usually you can buy fresh chestnuts. You can also store them in the refrigerator. Then you need to add a small amount of edible salt in the appropriate amount of cold boiling water, and then soak the chestnuts in salt water for five minutes for simple disinfection.

After soaking, take out the moisture from the dry surface, put it into a plastic bag, fasten the mouth, and put it in the refrigerator freezer, so that the chestnut can be stored for one month without deterioration.

3, using sand to save the common sand in life can also be used to save chestnuts, especially when a large amount of chestnuts are needed, you can dry the fresh chestnuts in the sun for one to two days, and then bury them deep in the sand, andFirmly compacting the sand will also prevent chestnuts from spoiling.

4. Sealed chestnut can also recover time in a sealed environment. Usually, someone can replace the fresh chestnuts purchased directly into a sealable fresh-keeping bag, then seal the mouth, and put it in a shade that is not exposed to sunlight.In the environment, this can also keep the chestnut inside the reset time without deterioration.

[Can eating snake meat cure acne]_ snake meat _ acne _ how to treat

Acne is also called acne. The growth of acne is usually related to endocrine disorders. It may also be caused by fire. There are many ways to treat acne, including prescriptions.

Snake meat is also used to treat acne. Snake meat has a beauty effect on women. It is necessary to know whether to treat acne.


First of all, it is certain that eating snake meat is very good for the skin, especially for friends who love long sister-in-law in summer, eating snake meat has preventive and therapeutic effects.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” points out that snake meat can eliminate hand, foot and wind pain, kill three insects, remove dead muscles, skin wind, poisonous wind, scabies, and sores.


Snakes are cool and can have a good conditioning effect on people with acne!

People who eat snake meat regularly (every summer) have very smooth skin and rarely develop acne. Occasionally during puberty, one will quickly disappear and there will be no scars.

Snake meat is rich in protein, rich in amino acids, and warm in nature. It is a good product for warming up. If you eat too much at one time, you may get angry. Therefore, do n’t eat snake meat too much.It is very helpful to eat snake meat often.


As a recipe for acne-removing snake meat, it is recommended to use clear stew. Snake meat is a good high-end health-care recipe for snake breeding. Snake is cold and snake meat is also delicious and can achieve the effect of acne.

Although not everyone has a good effect, as a skin health food, ordinary people can eat it, which is very good for the skin.

In addition, people with acne suggest to eat more tomatoes and apples, do not eat citrus fruits, easy to get angry.

Drink green tea or chrysanthemum tea. Drink it every day. Do not drink coffee or strong tea. Do n’t drink too much sugar. Do n’t drink carbonated drinks. Drink water or light tea when you are thirsty. Eat more vegetarians and eat less.Greasy.

This is the only way to get rid of the worms and worms, and the version of the version of the hoops is not easy to find. The paper is not very good. The paper is very quiet.殑涓滆タ鎴栨櫄涓婄潯瑙夌殑鏃跺€欐病鏈夌洊濂斤紝杩欐牱浼氬鑷存箍姘旈噸锛屾箍姘旈噸鐨勪汉鍦ㄥ钩鏃跺彲浠ュ鍠濇按锛屽洜涓哄枬姘存槸鍙互鎺掓箍姘旂殑锛屼絾涓嶅彲浠ュ枬鍐版按锛屽枬鍑夋按銆備粈涔堟槸婀挎皵?璇村埌婀挎皵澶у骞朵笉闄岀敓锛屽緢澶氫汉涓婂帟鎵€锛屼細鍙戠幇鑷繁澶т究婧忕█涓嶆垚褰紝闇€瑕佸緢澶氭墜绾告墠鑳芥摝鍑€锛屾湁鏃跺€欒繕渚跨銆傝繖灏辨槸鍏稿瀷鐨勬箍姘旈噸锛屾箍姘旀槸椋庛€佸瘨銆佹殤銆佹箍銆佺嚗銆佺伀鍏鐥呴偑涔嬩竴銆傚挨鍏舵槸鎮f湁鐨偆鐥呯殑浜猴紝澶氭暟鍖诲笀閮戒細璇磋繖鏄敱浜庢箍姣掑紩璧风殑銆傚鐥ょ柈锛屾箍鐤癸紝鑴氭皵锛岀毊鑲ゆ垨骞茬嚗铚曠毊鐦欑棐鎴栨殫榛勬补鑵伙紝閮戒笌婀挎皵鏈夊瘑鍒囩殑鍏崇郴銆傛箍姘旈噸鏈変粈涔堝嵄瀹?1 銆 佽 伟 鑳?娴偪婀挎皵鍏ョ毊涓嬶紝浼氬奖鍝嶇毊鑲ょ粏鑳炵殑鏂伴檲浠h阿锛岄檷浣庤剛鑲噧鐑ф晥鐜囷紝浠庤€屽鑷磋偉鑳栥€傝繃澶氱殑婀挎皵婊炵暀鍦ㄤ綋鍐咃紝鍔犻噸鑴捐繍鍖栨按婀跨殑璐熸媴锛屽氨鍍忛┈杞﹁秴杞戒竴What is the chain of phoenixes? The awards of argon, the awards, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, the price, and the price.銆佸奖鍝嶆帓娉勬箍姘旇繃閲嶏紝浼氶€犳垚鈥滄箍姘旈粡鑲犫€濓紝澶т究娆℃暟澧炲锛屼笖鏈夋媺涓嶅共鍑€鐨勬劅瑙夈€備腑鍖昏锛屸€滄箍姘斿瑁光€濓紝婀挎皵閲嶄細褰卞搷缁嗚優闂寸殑閫氶€忔€э紝灏卞儚涓€搴婃箍妫夎鐩栧湪浜虹殑韬笂涓€鏍凤紝浼氳浣犲父甯告湁澶存矇銆佹棤绮炬墦閲囩殑鎰熻銆傛箍姘斾负浠€涔堜細寮曡捣杩欎箞澶氱棁鐘跺憿?It ‘s hard to say what ‘s happening. It ‘s a classic example. It ‘s a classic Chinese language. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a panic.Anxious; sorrowful, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, inspiring, insulting, insulting, insulting, insufficiency, insufficiency, insufficiency锛屽叏韬倢鑲夊叧鑺傜棝锛岀毊鑲ゆ箍鐤规硾婊ョ瓑绛夈€傞偅涔堟箍姘旈噸鎴戜滑璇ユ€庝箞鍋?1.銆 幃 湰 Dao 夌 粡 板 嗘 Open 銆 嬩 兑 腑 椎 夎 冇 Qi?鐧芥墎璞嗙櫧鑺疯尪銆愪綔鐢ㄣ€戠椋庛€侀櫎婀裤€佹秷鑲裤€佸仴鑴捐儍銆傘€愮粍鎴愩€戠櫧鎵佽眴銆佺櫧鑺峰悇5g锛岃尟鑻撱€佽枏浠併€侀┈榻胯媼鍚?g銆傘€愮敤娉曘€戠敤娓呮按鐓庯紝鍙栨堡锛屾瘡鏃?Awful?娆℃湇銆傜櫧鎵佽眴鐧借姺鑼惰兘鍘婚櫎浣撳唴婀挎皵锛岃€屼笖鑼朵腑鍚湁鐨勬垚鍒嗚繕鏈夊仴鑴惧拰鑳冦€What’s wrong with you?

Shanmei International (600546) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Proposed to Sell 11 Equity Subsidiaries of Subsidiary Trade Profits Continue to Increase

The company disclosed the first quarter of 2019 report: the company realized operating income of 82.

100 million (-20.

43%), net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

2.1 billion (+167.

7%). Basically, the return is 0.

11 yuan / share (+ 175%), which exceeds the average ROE by 3.

93% (increase by 2.

(33 units) The amount of self-produced coal increased, the amount of traded coal decreased, and the company’s overall revenue improved.

The company started to merge the Hequ open-pit mine in the third quarter of 2018, so the data for the first quarter of 2018 was readjusted.

In Q1 2019, the company’s raw coal output was 833 inputs, an increase of 15 per year.

2%, commercial coal sales were 2288.

9 Initially, 19 declines each year.

5%, mainly reflected in the replacement of trade coal sales, the decline in overall sales of commercial coal led to the company’s revenue increased by 20.


The coal sales structure improved, and the profitability of the coal business was improved.

Increased self-produced coal production with high profitability, decreased trade coal production with low profitability, and improved operating opportunities for sales structure.

4%, gross profit increased by 16.


The number of commercial coal units is 358.

6 yuan / ton, down by 1.

2%, the unit cost of 291 yuan / ton, exceeding the decline of 7.

4%, the unit gross profit of 59 yuan / ton, an increase of 44.

At 7%, the profitability of coal business was improved.

It is planned to list and sell the equity of 11 potential trading subsidiaries to achieve further improvement in quality and efficiency.

From 2016 to 2017, the company has divestitured 14 consolidated trading subsidiaries, achieving significant improvements in asset quality.

According to the announcement, the company intends to share 49% of five wholly-owned subsidiaries such as “Chentian International Trade”, 39% equity of Inner Mongolia Shengda, a holding subsidiary, and Tianjin Branch, a subsidiary of Jiangsu Logistics merged by 49% Equity listed for sale.

The 11 trading subsidiaries mentioned above all had negative net profit in 2018, which replaced 14.

20,000 yuan, and as of the end of 2018, the net assets were all negative, totaling -41.

400 million, this transfer is expected to increase equity profits6.

20,000 yuan (refer to 2018 data).

In 2018, the company achieved a total net profit of 11 mines.

20,000 yuan, contributing net profit of equity 18.

200 million US dollars, mainly from the trading 南京桑拿论坛 business, the distribution of equity will achieve a substantial increase in company profits.

Profit forecast and estimation: We predict that the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company will be 9 in 2019-2021.

76, 10.

98, 11.
86 trillion, the corresponding EPS is 0.

49, 0.
55, 0.

60 yuan, an annual increase of 343.

4%, 12.

5%, 8.

1%, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 10 respectively.

4, 9.

3, 8.

6 times, continue to maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: Economic growth is slower than expected risks; uncertainty of administrative restructuring means

Jiechang Drive (603583): Q3 revenue exceeds expected growth logic has not changed. Pay close attention to the progress of overseas plant construction

The event company released three quarterly reports and achieved operating income of 10 in the first three quarters.

1.2 billion, +37 a year.

47%, net profit attributable to mother 2.

25 trillion, +40 for ten years.

82%, deducting non-attribution net profit1.

90 trillion, ten years +19.


Brief comment on Q3 sales revenue exceeded expectations, Q4 high base growth rate is expected to become.

In a single quarter, Q3 achieved sales revenue3.

62 trillion, ten years +40.

18%, company orders may be affected under trade frictions, and continue to maintain a high growth trend.

We believe that the US liftable market will continue to maintain a stable growth trend. At the same time, the expansion of new markets such as Southeast Asia, Australia, and Europe will contribute a considerable increase. It is expected that the entire liftable linear drive business will maintain a growth rate of more than 20% in the future.The big logic of the company’s growth still exists.

However, there was a phenomenon of grabbing exports in Q4 last year, and the revenue in Q4 2018 was 3.

80 ppm, +72 for ten years.

01%, +47.

09%, accounting for 34% of the expected income, in the context of the high base of Q4 is expected to replace Q4 revenue growth this year, we give a total of 14.

17 trillion operating income forecast.

In Q3, the growth of gross profit margin decreased, and the impact of tariff levies began to manifest. The company’s overseas plant construction has been progressing steadily. However, under the current trade background, we expect that gross profit will still be significantly affected by tariffs this year and next.

Q3 single quarter gross profit margin of 32.

79%, a decline of 10 per year.

38pct, down 8 from the previous month.

95pct. At present, the company’s products are subject to a 25% tariff. The company needs to bear most of the costs. In August, the company announced that it invested 25.3 million US dollars to set up a factory in Malaysia. It is currently advancing steadily.Gross profit is expected to remain under pressure.

Q3 single-quarter sales expenses did not rise but fell instead, falling 33 each year.

26%, which may be related to the timing of the company’s commission expense confirmation; the single quarter management fee is +97 each time.

55%, mainly due to the expense of equity incentive expenses; three quarterly accounts receivable1.

3.6 billion, down according to this interim report, net cash flow from operating activities reached 2.

20 trillion, +67 for ten years.

09%, the company continued to maintain a good cash flow repayment.

Non-recurring income growth in the first three quarters, which mainly included 8 million listing subsidies and 15.32 million entrusted wealth management income, etc., led to the decline in non-recurring performance 杭州夜网 growth in the first three quarters.

Whether the goal of fair incentives can be achieved next year needs to continue to be observed, but under the high base of non-recurring income this year, the pressure on the growth rate of deducting non-performance next year is relatively small.

Profit forecast: It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 2 in 2019-2021.

96, 3.


8.8 billion yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: Sino-US trade friction, overseas plant construction progress is less than expected, exchange rate changes

Jerry shares (002353): Profitability significantly improved 1H drilling and completion equipment new orders increased by 100%

Investment highlights: Event: The company announced the 2019 semi-annual report and achieved operating income of 25.

78 ‰, an increase of 49 per year.

07%, achieving net profit of return to mother 5.

00 million, an increase of 168 every year.


Among them, the second quarter achieved revenue of 15.

6.7 billion, an increase of 64 every year.

34%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

90 ‰, an increase of 156 per year.


The number of reports, the prosperity of the budget service market, and the company’s business achieved substantial growth.

  The domestic oil and gas equipment and service market has strong demand, the company’s revenue has grown rapidly, and its gross profit margin has risen sharply.

  Driven by the national energy security strategy, investment in unconventional oil and gas resources, especially shale gas resources, has been expanded for a long period of time, and demand for oil and gas equipment and services has been strong.

In the first half of the year, the company’s coal services and equipment realized revenue24.

26 ppm, an increase of 49 per year.

04%, gross profit margin 35.

34%, an increase of 8 per year.

44 units; budgeted engineering and equipment revenue 1.

5.3 billion, an increase of 49 per year.

53%, gross margin 26.

67%, a decrease of 3.

04 averages.

In terms of different sectors, the company’s oil and gas equipment manufacturing and technical service business realized operating income.

7.1 billion yuan, an increase of 51 every year.

79%, gross margin 36.

03%, an increase of 8 per year.

91 single, we believe that the first is the effect of scale and product structure optimization; maintenance and renovation and sales of spare parts to achieve revenue5.

34 trillion, an increase of 45 per year.

07%, gross margin 31.

36%, an increase of 1 per year.

93 units.

From the perspective of the operations of the major subsidiaries, the petroleum equipment subsidiaries (corresponding to drilling and completion equipment, etc.) realized revenue12.

20 ppm, an increase of 88 per year.

73%, with a net profit margin of 24.

78%, an increase of 10 per year.

25 units; energy service subsidiaries (corresponding to higher services, etc.) realized revenue7.

07 billion, an increase of 24 every year.

09%, net profit margin reached 17.93%, an increase of 13 per year.

67 averages, reflecting the improvement in oilfield services.

  The expense ratio decreased during the period when the scale effect appeared, and the increase in inventory affected the operating cash flow.

In the reporting year, the company’s sales expenses and management expenses increased by 10.

25%, 7.

97%, lower than the growth rate of revenue, reflecting the company’s refined management benefits.

Affected by the exchange gains of foreign currency monetary projects, the financial expenses each decreased by 163.

12% (1H confirms approximately 1452 million exchange gains).

Due to the sharp increase in orders of 1H company, the increase in purchase volume, and the increase in the strategic project parts reserve based on market judgments, which led to an increase in cash for purchasing goods and receiving labor services (inventory increased by 1.3 billion US dollars compared to the initial stage), and net cash flow from operating activitiesThe amount is up to -9.

1.3 billion, short-term borrowing also increased.

We judge that through the delivery of orders in hand and the accelerated collection of receivables in the second half of the year, the company’s operating cash flow is expected to improve month-on-month.

  Earnings forecast: Based on fast-growing orders in hand and higher profit margin performance, raise the company’s earnings forecast.

  The company has strong demand for drilling and completion equipment and coal technology services, orders have grown rapidly, and gross margins have rebounded significantly. New orders were obtained in the first half of the year34.

73 ppm (excluding budget), an increase of 30 in ten years.

56%, of which drilling and completion equipment orders increased by more than 100%.

Based on the company’s actual results and orders in the second quarter, we raised the company’s profit forecast. We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 11 to 19 years.

02, 14.

45, 17.

850,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 1.


51, 1.

86 yuan / share, some net assets are 9 respectively.

93, 11.

28, 12.

97 yuan / share, according to the closing price of 26 on August 7.

30 yuan calculation PE is 22.

87, 17.

42, 14.

14 times, corresponding to 2 PB.

65, 2.

33, 2.

03 times.

Give the company 2 in 2019.


2 PB, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 27.


78 yuan, corresponding to PE in 2019 is 24.


63 times, which is in the range of the estimated level of comparable companies.

  Risk warning: oil prices are down, oil companies ‘capital expenditures are less than expected, exchange rates are adversely affected, and company capacity is released slowly.

Adoma A (000553): Relying on China’s leading non-patent pesticide leader

Saronda, the predecessor of the world’s leading non-proprietary pesticide giant, is an important domestic manufacturer of pesticide raw materials. It introduced related products acephate, and the production capacity of spermine ranked first in the country. In 2017, the company acquired Andamy, and becameThe world’s largest generic pesticide company.

The company achieved revenue of 256 in 2018.

2 trillion, an increase of 7 in ten years.

5%, achieving a net profit of 24.

0 million yuan, an increase of 55 in ten years.


In the future, based on the increase in the market share of generic pesticides and the completion of internal resource integration, the company is expected to benefit from the increase in the gross profit margin of its product portfolio and the rapid growth of internal business. We expect the company’s earnings per share from 2018 to 2020 to be 0.

59, 0.

68, 0.

85 yuan, for the first time, give “overweight” rating.

  The demand for pesticides has steadily increased, and the expansion of the generic drug market has increased. In 2018, pesticide sales continued to recover weakly, and the initial global growth increased.

From 2% to 55.6 billion US dollars, since 2019, wheat and corn have maintained a bottom shock, and the overall strong oil price has been positive for agrochemical demand.

The supply side of the industry has undergone shuffling. After the merger and acquisition tide, the groups have become more differentiated and the competition between companies has increased.

The progress of research and development of patented drugs has gradually increased, and the current varieties have gradually exceeded expectations. The share of non-patented products has continued to grow. The market capacity in 2017 exceeded 40 billion US dollars, which is beneficial to the company’s non-patented drug companies.

  The products provided by the company and the multiple advantages of the channel Adoma is the main component of the company. Its core competitiveness mainly includes: sinking channels through a rich product line and a global sales network to achieve a steady increase in product sales.The market has a total of 5 by 2010.

1% increase to 6 in 2018.

9%; replace low-end products by dating differentiated products with high gross profit margins to enhance profitability, and the combined gross profit margins from 27 in 2010.

5%南京桑拿论坛 to 33 in 2018.

3%; A large amount of expenditure is on registered pesticide registration certificates, and the number of registration certificates is the world’s leading (more than 5,000 in 2017). In the future, it will take longer to obtain registration certificates, the cost increase trend will be obvious, and the company’s competitive advantage will continue to increase.

  China’s market potential has broken through, and investment projects have strengthened its advantages. China is the world’s third largest pesticide market. In 2017, it was about 6 billion US dollars, but the market concentration decreased.

Adoma entered the Chinese market in 2014, and its business has developed rapidly. This type of domestic products in 20182.

$ 7.5 billion, an annual increase of 7.


After the merger of the company and Adoma, the company gradually promoted the integration of the industrial chain. Through the fund-raising project, an operating network with a basic structure of “Jingzhou (original medicine)-Huaian (formulation)-Nanjing (development)” was laid out. It is expected to optimize its own supply after completionChain and give full play to the synergy effect.

  And as the core pesticide platform of China’s chemical industry, it is also expected to gradually develop its strength in integrating the group and even the domestic agrochemical industry.

  For the first coverage, we give an “overweight” rating. We estimate that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 14 respectively.

4, 16.

6, 20.

80,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.

59, 0.

68, 0.

RMB 85; combined with the comparable company’s estimated level (average 14 times PE in 2019) and the company’s subsequent performance growth, considering that the company’s amortization expenses affect about $ 600 million in net profit each year, and the company is a global non-patented pesticide leader, giving the company 201919-22 times PE, corresponding target price is 11.


98 yuan, corresponding to 1 in 2019 PB.


42 times, the first coverage is given an “overweight” rating.

  Risk Warning: Downstream demand is not up to the expected risk, and raw material prices fluctuate greatly.

Huafa (600325): Obvious advantages in resource endowment, growth flexibility

The company achieved operating income of 237 million in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 18.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 22.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.

9%, earnings per share is 1.

08 yuan.

More sales have blossomed, and the ROE level has increased significantly: the company’s profit growth rate is significantly higher than revenue, mainly due to long-term equity investment income and a substantial increase of 295.

6 times to 6.

08 million yuan, ROE is expected to increase significantly from 20174.

9 up to 17.


The company achieved a budget of USD 58.2 billion in 2018, an annual increase of 87.


New construction area of 513.

60,000 square meters, with an 南京夜网 average annual increase of 133%. The increase in the scale of construction will further increase the saleable volume. It is expected that the company will exceed 80 billion yuan in 2019.

The layout has been expanded, and soil reserves in core areas are abundant: the company plans to add about 310 new building areas in 2018.

60,000 square meters, an increase of 11 in ten years.

9%, the total land value of equity is about 18 billion, accounting for 30% of the set.


The company newly entered Dalian and Qingdao in 2018, and won the Beijing Fangshan plot through bidding and auctioning. At present, the company has formed 6 major areas in Zhuhai, South China, East China, Central China, North China, Shandong, and Beijing Company’s “6 + 1Area layout.

As of the end of 2018, the company’s land reserve scale was 7.5 million 北京桑拿洗浴保健 square meters.

Among them, Wuhan, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Hangzhou are the core areas of Central China. The land reserve in East China accounts for 47%, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with Zhuhai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen as the core.
The financing channels were widened, and the net debt ratio was still at a high level: the increase in the scale of sales carry-over and the expansion of the company’s monetary funds increased by 71% to 191.

4 trillion, the average net debt ratio decreased by 48 from 2017.

The two averages reached 215%, but they are still relatively high, and the short-term debt pressure has also increased.

In terms of capital operations, the company issued a plan to support the purchase of securities through the stock exchange.

500 million US dollars, long-term rental apartment real estate investment trust funds, supply chain ABS financing business and other innovative product businesses have been approved, the expansion of financing channels significantly optimized the capital structure, the company’s comprehensive financing costs remained at 5.

87% level.

Earnings forecast and rating: The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 1.

45 yuan, 1.

75 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.