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Main funds net allow 47.2 billion long list institutions to grab 19 shares

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  [26th Funding Plan Chart]The net funding of main funds decreased by 47.2 billion. The institutions grabbed 19 shares. Source: Securities Times Network original Hu Huaxiong On February 26, the overall A-share market fell.

The final close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2987.

93 points, down 0.

83%, SZSE Component Index closed at 11,497.

55 points, down 3.

02%, the GEM index closed at 2180.

7 points, down 4.


The total turnover of the two cities was 13,126.

900 million yuan, a decrease of 1026 over the previous trading day.

2.6 billion.

  1. The two cities have a net replacement of 471 funds throughout the day.

Today’s 6.9 billion yuan in Shanghai and Shenzhen’s main cities opened a net decrease of 199.

8.3 billion, a net decrease of 143 late.

2.8 billion, the two cities a net replacement of 471 funds throughout the day.

6.9 billion yuan.

  2, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 today’s main fund net replacement 113.

6.1 billion CSI 300 today ‘s net replacement of 113 main funds.

6.1 billion, the GEM net reduction of 114.

6.8 billion yuan, a small net decrease of 144.

8.2 billion.

The Shanghai Stock Connect saw a net decrease of 4.

3.3 billion yuan, Shenzhen Stock Connect net reduction of 35.

04 trillion (here, the net inflow of China-Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect is based on the amount used on the day, which is slightly different from the net purchase amount of the transaction, but the meaning is generally the same).

  3. Net inflow of building decoration industry12.

Of the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries with a total value of RMB 0.2 billion, 6 industries realized net capital inflows, including construction and decoration industry net inflows.

02 billion first.

  4. Net inflow of large-scale central SOEs12.

In terms of the 3.5 billion top concept sector, large infrastructural central SOEs today saw a net inflow of funds from conceptual segments such as new urbanization, prefabricated construction, etc., among 青岛夜网 which large infrastructural central SOEs had a net inflow.

3.5 billion.

  5. The main inflow of amethyst storage funds 3.

8.4 billion (Note: The main force of net inflow statistics in this table is different from the net purchase statistics of the institutions in the previous and next tables) 6.The data on the list shows that institutions appeared in 35 shares, of which 19 shares such as Su Daweige showed a net purchase of institutional funds, and 16 shares including Xiangdian shares showed a net sale of institutional funds.

  7, the top ten active stocks of Shanghai Stock Connect and Shenzhen Stock Connect 8, the latest institutions focus on individual stocks

CNOOC Engineering (600583): Overseas companies seized large orders and accelerated internationalization

Event: The company announced on the evening of October 16 that the company and McDermott formed a joint contract with Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Petroleum Company, hereinafter referred to as “Saudi Aramco”). EPCI contract package 1 (Marjan GOSP)-4 南京夜网 Package1 contract), in which the scope of work of CNOOC Engineering is land construction, transportation and offshore installation of some platforms under the contract.

The total value of the two contracts is approximately $ 700 million.

Our point of view: (1) The number of major contracts with Saudi Aramco and its subsidiaries continues to increase. According to the announcement, the two contracts total US $ 700 million. Party A of the contract is Saudi Aramco ‘s overseas companies and Saudi Aramco.the company.

The contract work includes land construction and maritime installation. The module will be constructed at the company’s Qingdao site, and the jacket will be constructed at the Zhuhai site.

The project is scheduled to start construction in the second quarter of 2020 and be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The contract stipulates that June 18, 2019 (that is, the date of signing the letter of intent to win the bid) will take effect and be valid until the contract performance is completed.

The implementation of this project will improve the company’s site and ship utilization, cultivate rich Saudi Aramco standards talents, deepen cooperation with Saudi Aramco, accumulate more experience in project implementation in the Middle East, and enhance the company’s international capabilities.

It is estimated that the project’s revenue in 2019 will account for about 2% of the contract amount, mainly for the income generated from preliminary preparations such as mobilization.

(2) The capital expenditure of the upstream oil and gas industry has increased, and the company’s orders on hand have grown rapidly. It is said that it has shifted to implement an energy security strategy. The capital expenditures of the three major domestic oil companies have increased. As a consolidated subsidiary of CNOOC, the company helps to benefit, combined with global oilThe industry is recovering, and the amount of overseas investment has also increased. The company’s abundant orders on hand are expected to drive performance growth.

According to the semi-annual report, excluding the new overseas multinational orders, the company achieved a market contract amount of 112.

3.8 billion, of which the contracted value of overseas markets was 94.

USD 5.8 billion, which mainly includes the contract of the Japanese Fuluo LNG module and the EPCI contract of Marjan’s foundry production development project.

Earnings forecast and investment 南宁桑拿 advice: Switch the business of the oil service industry and the company has obtained major orders. We believe that the company’s performance will gradually pick up. We maintain our earnings forecast for the company and expect net profit for 2019-2021 to be 1.



59 trillion, EPS is 0.



19 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk factors: Oil price fluctuation risk, exchange rate risk, overseas market risk, engineering project risk.

Evergreen (002391) Third Quarterly Report Performance Review: Performance Meets Expectations Convertible Bonds Project Steadily Advances Repurchases for Equity Incentives to Stimulate Company Motivation
Performance: The company released the 2019 third quarter report, and the company achieved revenue of 25 in the first three quarters.5.6 billion (+11 year-on-year.73%), net profit attributable to mother 2.8.7 billion (+13.00%), the performance is in line with expectations. Comment: In 2018, the company’s profitability achieved explosive growth. In the first three quarters of revenue, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers was 49.54%, 54.90%, on this basis, the company’s growth rate in 2019 is 11.73%, 13.00%, still achieved double-speed growth.Q3 single-quarter revenue reached 8.2 billion yuan (YoY + 0.59% in the second quarter.67%), net profit attributable to mother 0.9.2 billion (+13 year-on-year.2%, QoQ-25.81%).The third quarter itself is a traditional off-season, and the average price of the main product, imidacloprid / plasma, is significantly higher than that of the previous Q2, from 15 respectively.5/16 million US dollars / ton up to 14/15 million US dollars / ton; but the overall revenue and net profit still maintain an upward trend. We believe that the profit level has gradually reached a new output rate, and the second-tier enterprises have strived to expand rapidly and graduallyGet involved in the field.2019Q3 company’s three expense ratios 9.1%, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.0pct; sales / management / financial expense ratios rose by 0 respectively.9/1.6/0.5 points to 3.5% / 4.3% / 1.4%. The scale of construction in progress has grown significantly, and convertible bond projects 北京夜生活网 have been steadily advancing.The company’s 2019 Interim Report revealed that 1600 tons of butyl ether urea in the latest convertible bond project has been put into production in May, and 5000 tons of hydroxylamine hydrochloride is expected to be officially put into production at the end of September. We believe that the project will gradually increase its volume in the second half of the year to contribute to the performance.The company’s latest round of convertible bond projects involved a total of 1.91 Pesticides Pesticides and related raw materials, Q3 company under construction2.53 trillion, an increase of 31 compared to Q2.77%, convertible bond project spending increased, the rapid deployment of the project will further enhance the company’s market competition. Invest in Jingmen base project to optimize industrial layout.The company’s main pesticide bases, intermediates and other production bases are located in Jiangsu, Xiangshui “3.After the “21” accident, the “Jiangsu Chemical Industry Safety and Environmental Protection Improvement and Improvement Plan” was promulgated, and new pesticide project environmental protection and safety approvals gradually became stricter.The company announced on July 2 that it has entered into several investment cooperation agreements with the Jingmen Chemical Recycling Industrial Park Management Committee to purchase 500 acres of industrial land for the construction of pesticide pesticides, preparations and other chemical projects with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.This investment can optimize the company’s industrial layout, further expand production capacity, rich product structure, and enhance the company’s development potential. Dingge repurchased 22 million shares, implemented a restructuring stock incentive plan, and further improved the company’s incentive mechanism.The company announced on August 20 that it planned to use its own funds to repurchase the company’s shares in a centralized bidding method as an equity incentive plan.04%), not exceeding 22 million shares.At present, the company has completed the repurchase of 2200.0 million shares and announced the stock incentive plan, the incentive target covers a total of 112 core technical (business) personnel.Reward price 4.16 yuan / share, the sale restriction period is 12/24/36 months from the date of completion of the registration of the grant.The growth rate is less than 12% / 25% / 40%, and the net profit growth rate is not less than 15% / 22% / 45%.This pioneering large-scale incentive plan can stably carry out the structure, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the company’s core backbone, and promote the company’s long-term development. Risk warning: Downstream demand is not up to expectations, and investment projects are not up to expectations. Temporarily maintain earnings forecasts and ratings.Maintain forecast of revenue for 19-21 of 38.3/44.3/50.90,000 yuan, eps0.83/0.99/1.19 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding pe is 10X / 8X / 7X, maintaining the “buy” level.

The secret of beauty and beauty is actually this

Don’t look down on pigskin in pigskin. Many MMs will habitually not eat skin when eating pork. If you are afraid of too much too much, you can scrape the fat on the pigskin and just choose pigskin to eat.

Because it is rich in collagen in pigskin, it is a treasure of our skin. It can make the skin full of nutritious nutrients, prevent wrinkles and dryness of the skin, let the cells absorb moisture and nutrients, tighten the skin, not elasticity.The skin is the symbol of youth!

And the nutrition in the pig skin can improve blood circulation, which is also very good for the body.

Tomatoes and tomatoes are typical beauty foods. They have many effects. They can whiten the skin, make the skin firmer, and maintain cell activity and prevent aging.

Choosing such a skin care product is not as good as a tomato every day. The nutritional supplement is definitely not a substitute for skin care products.

Nuts and nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts and sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E. They have strong anti-oxidant properties, can resist aging, keep skin firm, and prevent melanin precipitation, effectively diminishing spots.It is also a nutritious meal for the skin!

Mushroom mushroom is rich in nutrients, can improve human immunity, while a large number of vitamins and proteins, and unique plant fiber, can promote the body’s metabolism, firm skin, and effectively fight aging.

The correct method of fattening depends on

Nowadays, the society is popular for weight loss, and many women are troubled by how unfortunate they are.

But I don’t know, there are another group of women who are worried about how to gain weight.

  First of all, there must be enough sleep.

  Because the body cells and tissues can get the most repair and growth.

The body is like a factory. The machine has to work during the day and the machine is repaired at night to ensure the next day.

If you don’t sleep well at night, your body cells are not repaired. When you work the next day, the cells will be fatigued and the body will be discomforted.

Some people think that if you don’t sleep well at night, you can sleep for a few hours during the day. This is a very wrong statement.

Because the best time for the body to absorb nutrients is at night, if you miss this time, you can’t fully replenish it if you sleep more.

  So how long do we sleep long?

Generally suitable for 6-8 hours.

Then, the more you spend in the day, the longer it will take to fix it at night.

If you find that you have enough energy to sleep for 7 hours, then you don’t need to sleep for 8 hours.

  The second is to have the right amount of exercise.

  Exercise can drive the body to absorb nutrients.

When exercising, the heart beats faster, the blood flow speed is accelerated, the blood is bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the body, and more waste is taken away, which promotes the metabolism of the cells.

Under the premise of adequate nutrition, “Where is the physical activity, where will the nutrients be used?”

We have to remember this principle.

But if the body is not adequately nutritious, a slightly larger amount of exercise will operate our body.

If a person’s body is not very healthy and the nutrients absorbed are not sufficient, then he will be very tired after the exercise of the alternative time and it is difficult to recover.

The damage to the internal organs in this case is very large.

  Therefore, the third is of course to have balanced nutrition.

  There are fewer malnourished people in modern times, but there are many people with unbalanced nutrition.

Nowadays, the amount of feces and carbohydrates in our food is usually too high, while vitamins and minerals are rare.

If you want to gain weight (it should be said to have a strong body), you must learn how to eat well and eat healthy.

  The fourth is to have an optimistic attitude.

  Mentality affects the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and nutrition can also change people’s emotions.

People with different mentalities have different disease tendencies.

For example, there are two kinds of people. One type is a person who is “late, late, and quick”. The other person is “a late arrival, what is great”.

Under normal circumstances, the former is thinner and the body is thinner. It is easier to be nervous. When the body is coping with stress and stress, it will consume more protein, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin C and other nutrients.Therefore, it is easy to cause osteoporosis, gastrointestinal problems, low immunity and neurasthenia.

  At the same time, usually eat less meals, eat 70% per meal, high starch, low milk, more fruits, and can supplement some basic nutrients such as protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium tablets.

In this way, after gradual conditioning, the physique will be enhanced, and you will increase your success.

What are the characteristics of lymphoma?

Lymphoma usually has symptoms of fever.

The fever symptoms of lymphoma are generally irregular moderate fever, and sometimes can be presented with fever. Once the fever lasts for several days or weeks, followed by a period of inferiority, the period of no heat is gradually shortened, and it develops toContinued high fever.

So what are the characteristics of lymphoma?

Six characteristics of lymphoma six characteristics six characteristics: 1.

Burning (indirect low fever or high fever) 2.

Swollen (local or most edema) 3.

Itching (the skin is often itchy) 4.

Sweat (often night sweats or asleep sweating) 5.

Cough (often dry cough) 6.

Thin (5?
Weight loss during the 6 months is 10%).

A major feature: a superficial lymph node enlargement, tiny hard, painless, no adhesion, which is the early signal of lymphoma, eliminating lymph node enlargement accounted for 60%?
80% of arms under 6%?
20% of the groin accounts for 6%?
10%, there is a late stage of malignant lymphoma symptoms: soft, movable, painless, such people should pay attention, there are headache itching, local itching, these people are easy to rupture in the abdominal lymph nodes.

Lymphoma has a special manifestation. The lymph nodes are swollen. There are lymph nodes in multiple organs. Lymph nodes are spread throughout the body. Symptoms vary widely. The most obvious symptoms are painless lymphadenopathy. Common clavicle, lesions, and armpits.It is the most common site. If there is lymph node progressive swelling and no pain in these areas.

Especially after the anti-inflammatory treatment, the lymph nodes do not disappear but continue to enlarge. At this time, we must be highly suspicious!

Go to the oncology hospital at the distance, or the hematology or oncology consultation at the hospital for penetration and distance.

Second, the digestive tract, respiratory tract, brain symptoms in addition to lymph nodes and other extranodal organs, we know that lymphoid tissue, lymph nodes in all parts of the body, in many ways.

If it occurs in the digestive system, there may be obstructive bleeding. If it occurs in the respiratory system, it may be difficult to breathe, coughing, which occurs in the central system. It may cause headaches in the brain, vision loss, some facial nerve spasms, etc., occurring in different parts.Have different performances.

The performance of lymphoma is very complicated.

Third, “B symptoms” lymphoma also has a typical performance is the so-called “B symptoms”, when the disease develops to a certain stage, there may be irregular fever, night sweats – night sweats for no reason, and obviousThe weight loss of weight loss (in the past 6 months, no weight loss for any reason, more than 10% of their body weight) This is the “B symptom.”

In the case of “B symptoms”, it is proved that the condition has progressed to a certain extent.

If there is no other manifestation of progressive swelling of the painless lymph nodes, this is often a possible early stage of lymphoma. If you go to the hospital for timely treatment, the cure may be very large.

What are the health regimens for massage?

Massage has a lot to do with our body care, but not everyone is suitable for a massage.

At the same time, the method of massage must be correct, in order to play the role of health, it will not be counterproductive.

Next, let’s learn two tricks together and see what the health regimen of massage is.

  The health of the massage method: Choose a comfortable posture and sit down. When you are seated, separate your feet to the same width as your shoulders.

Relax your body while holding the palms together.

After the palm is hot, place it on the lumbar eye (3 in the fourth lumbar spine).

5 inches) slammed hard.

In this process, pay attention to adjusting the breathing and adjusting the breathing to help strengthen the function of the kidney.

The range of sputum is shortened to a larger extent, which is not only good for the waist, but also for the tailbone.

After stopping for about 3 times -5 breaths, the palms of both palms are on both sides of the lumbar vertebrae, and the upper and lower sides are forced to move down, down to the Changqiang point (between the tip of the tailbone and the anus), and squat down to the back of the two arms, continuous 36Times.

  After pinching: 揉搓, the meridians around the waist are cleared, so there is a feeling of fever.

Under this condition, we must make persistent efforts to pinch to the caudal vertebra below the life gate (parallel to the navel and below the spine of the second lumbar spine).

In the process of pinching, you should concentrate, pinch loose, and repeatedly pinch 3?
4 times.

  Mo: After the pinch, the muscles from the life gate to the tail vertebra will be in a relatively tight state, so the work we will do next is to relax.

The movement is relatively simple. First, the two hands are lightly clenched, and the fists are upwards. The protruding part of the metacarpophalangeal joint is rotated at the double-sided waist and eye points.

First turn 18 turns in a clockwise direction and then 18 turns counterclockwise.

Both sides can be carried out at the same time, or left and right.

  Grip: Gently clench your fists with both hands, and punch your eyes down. At the same time, use the palm of your hand to squint (with no pain) to the tail.

The left and right fists are each 36 times.

  Grab: With both hands on the hips, the thumb is placed in front, and the other four fingers fall naturally on the waist.

Grab the skin with a four-pointer that falls on the waist.

Both hands are carried out at the same time, each scratching 36 times.

  Rotate: Stand upright, open your feet, shoulder width, hands on hips (four fingers in front, thumb behind).

  So, is it inappropriate for some people to have a massage?

  Some people should not be able to massage body signs and stability, such as some patients with chronic illnesses that are too weak, known to have severe cardiovascular disease or old and weak.

  Female physiological period, the waist can not be pressed, pregnant women more than five months pregnant.

  There are no serious hematological diseases, such as purpura, thrombocytopenia and other places where aplastic anemia massage is not infected, serious skin diseases such as various acute infectious diseases, acute osteomyelitis, tuberculous arthritis, infectious skin diseases, skinEczema, water and fire burns, skin ulcers, tumors, and various sores.

  Do not massage when the fever is hot.

  Dislocation, straining the patient.

  Acute peritonitis, acute suppurative peritonitis, patients with acute appendicitis.

  If you have the above symptoms, be careful when doing massage.

How do older people get out of the circle

From morning till night, a sofa, a cup of tea, shaking the continuous “flashback” lens in front of me, thinking of endless grievances in my mind.

Doing nothing, being unhappy, and suddenly a lot of old.

In order to enrich his life in his later years, the daughter sent a pair of thrush birds, and the son bought a few pots of flowers.

He is not interested in anything, listening to the birds singing upset, smelling floral allergies.

In a few days, the thrush was released, and the flowers were dead.

Every day, I spent time in such a tedious retired life, and my health was getting worse and worse. Just after my 66th birthday, I drove to Hexi.

There is also one of my neighbors, an old teacher. After retiring, many schools asked him to go out. He said that he had eaten most of his life, and now it’s a few days to clean up.

From then on, walked down the pulpit, walked to the table, and fell in love with “ramie.”

So, every day, I sang a trilogy of a table at a table, and I turned around in this circle every day, and I didn’t think about it.

Originally a healthy body, but one day is not as good as one day. On this day, I suddenly got a “one-stop”, laughed three times, fell on my back, and never stood up again.

  In fact, stepping into the cycle of retirement life, not only the above two old friends, many elderly people, especially the elderly, have lived a very monotonous, rigid life, no rhythm, let alone angry and fun.

Old friends who live in the trilogy of “Dining and Sleeping” every day, isn’t there a lot of people?

They have no hope for life, no pursuit, and even self-deprecating the “three echelons” of the cremation factory.

A gray, low color hangs over their lives, seriously affecting physical health.

  Then, how can old-age friends get out of the circle of “eat, sleep, sleep, sleep”, can have a good quality of life?

  First of all, in the mentality, we must try to avoid depression, lazy and unhealthy emotions.

In fact, what really hurts and grows up is not the growth of years, but the reduction of hope. In the hope that the pursuit will be less, the motivation of life will also decline.

Therefore, the speed of aging is the old people who are out of life, lose hope, and have no pursuit.

After retirement, there are usually decades of “golden autumn”, which should be cherished.

Even in the days of sorrow, it is not appropriate to count the years.

Leisure is not to escape from life, to idle in idleness, to spend time and to waste life.

We must be optimistic and optimistic to welcome the later years. To live a good old age, we must continue to improve our pursuit of life in the later years, hope, leave time and benefits to ourselves, do something that we like to do, especially when we want to do it when we are young.In exchange for a kind of mood to appreciate the Jubilee, there is a mentality of not being old, only to have an old body.

  In essence, we must strive for diversity in spiritual life.

Everyone should add at least a little hobby, such as painting, writing, calligraphy, reading, cultivating flowers, feeding birds and fish, science and fitness.

Li Yu, a writer of the Qing Dynasty, introduced in the book “Easy Love”, not only on listening to the piano, watching flowers and raising birds, storing poultry fish, house layout, dress repair capacity, drinking and cooking system.And also for the people of different social classes, the guidance of the “law of pleasure”.

In fact, the quality of life is often the taste and taste. It is necessary to make your life feel interesting and tasteful. There is a kind of power that can’t stop pushing you to hope and pursue.

  Finally, in the material life, it is necessary to target the characteristics of the elderly.

Strive for comfort, elegance and good health.

For example, living in a room, there must be some new changes within the scope of economic conditions. Sometimes, adding one or two pieces of furniture and planting a few pots of flowers can make your living environment have a fresh feeling and give people a new life passion.
The use of furniture and the use of space must be constantly updated, trying to create a variety of tastes and moods in a small space.

Pay attention to the color matching on the clothes, so that you always have a young, chic sense. These seem to be trivial things in life, but they have an inestimable effect on edifying sentiment, delaying aging and inspiring vitality.

  The author believes that as long as the old friends have done the above three points, it is not difficult to get out of the strange circle of “eat a slumber and sit asleep”, or even have a brilliant old age.