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4 roughly cancer foods that are more dangerous than cigarettes

Even now, cancer is the biggest cause of death in Japan.

According to data released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2012 (Heisei 24), 360,100 people die each year from cancer.

In order to prevent cancer, there should be a lot of people who quit smoking and improve their diet. However, in fact, many foods around us contain carcinogens.

So what are the substances in the end, exist in some kind of food?

  1, the potato chips because of possible cancer, and the thing worthy of our attention is “amide amide”.

This substance is called a food which is present in some raw materials and contains a large amount of impurities which are heated to above 120 degrees.

  Since the potato chips fully satisfy the above conditions, both the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the foreign research have known that the potato chips contain a large amount of substituted amides.

  2, French fries French fries are also foods mixed with polyamide.

The analysis showed that the maximum concentration of acrylamide in French fries was 1 for potato chips.

5 times.

If you don’t make French fries at home, you will feel at ease. Whether it’s homemade or the French fries in the restaurant detects starch amide, so please pay more attention.

  3, cake, derivative food in the use of wheat as a raw material in the high-temperature environment of the cake, the derivative of the same amount of acrylamide was detected in the food.

For those who are more concerned about carcinogens, there should be no problem in choosing cakes made in a low temperature environment.

  4, instant coffee in the coffee beans, fried tea, roasted wheat tea actually detected a high concentration of toluamide.

Since titanium amide is easily soluble in water, starch amide is also contained in beverages such as coffee, fried tea, and wheat tea extracted in this test.

Please pay more attention.
  Above is the cancer carcinogen amide food, what do you think after reading?

Adenine can be successfully carcinogenic, and if it is eaten in large quantities or in contact with the skin, it is called to affect the nervous system.

This substance is found in tobacco, but no matter how you quit smoking, it is dangerous if you eat a lot of acrylamide food.

  In addition, it is said that acrylamide is also found in toasted vegetables, fried vegetables, roasted snacks made by ourselves, and toast.

But it seems that there is no such thing as heated fresh ingredients.

In addition, the report shows that it has not been found in steamed or cooked foods, and even very small.

Therefore, the minded person does not hinder the next few efforts to find appropriate cooking methods, which may alleviate the risk of carcinogenicity.

How do older people get out of the circle

From morning till night, a sofa, a cup of tea, shaking the continuous “flashback” lens in front of me, thinking of endless grievances in my mind.

Doing nothing, being unhappy, and suddenly a lot of old.

In order to enrich his life in his later years, the daughter sent a pair of thrush birds, and the son bought a few pots of flowers.

He is not interested in anything, listening to the birds singing upset, smelling floral allergies.

In a few days, the thrush was released, and the flowers were dead.

Every day, I spent time in such a tedious retired life, and my health was getting worse and worse. Just after my 66th birthday, I drove to Hexi.

There is also one of my neighbors, an old teacher. After retiring, many schools asked him to go out. He said that he had eaten most of his life, and now it’s a few days to clean up.

From then on, walked down the pulpit, walked to the table, and fell in love with “ramie.”

So, every day, I sang a trilogy of a table at a table, and I turned around in this circle every day, and I didn’t think about it.

Originally a healthy body, but one day is not as good as one day. On this day, I suddenly got a “one-stop”, laughed three times, fell on my back, and never stood up again.

  In fact, stepping into the cycle of retirement life, not only the above two old friends, many elderly people, especially the elderly, have lived a very monotonous, rigid life, no rhythm, let alone angry and fun.

Old friends who live in the trilogy of “Dining and Sleeping” every day, isn’t there a lot of people?

They have no hope for life, no pursuit, and even self-deprecating the “three echelons” of the cremation factory.

A gray, low color hangs over their lives, seriously affecting physical health.

  Then, how can old-age friends get out of the circle of “eat, sleep, sleep, sleep”, can have a good quality of life?

  First of all, in the mentality, we must try to avoid depression, lazy and unhealthy emotions.

In fact, what really hurts and grows up is not the growth of years, but the reduction of hope. In the hope that the pursuit will be less, the motivation of life will also decline.

Therefore, the speed of aging is the old people who are out of life, lose hope, and have no pursuit.

After retirement, there are usually decades of “golden autumn”, which should be cherished.

Even in the days of sorrow, it is not appropriate to count the years.

Leisure is not to escape from life, to idle in idleness, to spend time and to waste life.

We must be optimistic and optimistic to welcome the later years. To live a good old age, we must continue to improve our pursuit of life in the later years, hope, leave time and benefits to ourselves, do something that we like to do, especially when we want to do it when we are young.In exchange for a kind of mood to appreciate the Jubilee, there is a mentality of not being old, only to have an old body.

  In essence, we must strive for diversity in spiritual life.

Everyone should add at least a little hobby, such as painting, writing, calligraphy, reading, cultivating flowers, feeding birds and fish, science and fitness.

Li Yu, a writer of the Qing Dynasty, introduced in the book “Easy Love”, not only on listening to the piano, watching flowers and raising birds, storing poultry fish, house layout, dress repair capacity, drinking and cooking system.And also for the people of different social classes, the guidance of the “law of pleasure”.

In fact, the quality of life is often the taste and taste. It is necessary to make your life feel interesting and tasteful. There is a kind of power that can’t stop pushing you to hope and pursue.

  Finally, in the material life, it is necessary to target the characteristics of the elderly.

Strive for comfort, elegance and good health.

For example, living in a room, there must be some new changes within the scope of economic conditions. Sometimes, adding one or two pieces of furniture and planting a few pots of flowers can make your living environment have a fresh feeling and give people a new life passion.
The use of furniture and the use of space must be constantly updated, trying to create a variety of tastes and moods in a small space.

Pay attention to the color matching on the clothes, so that you always have a young, chic sense. These seem to be trivial things in life, but they have an inestimable effect on edifying sentiment, delaying aging and inspiring vitality.

  The author believes that as long as the old friends have done the above three points, it is not difficult to get out of the strange circle of “eat a slumber and sit asleep”, or even have a brilliant old age.

Sweet and sour tomato healthy slimming

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Sweet and sour tomato healthy slimming

Because lycopene in tomatoes can reduce accumulation, reduce excessive accumulation, and supplement multivitamins to maintain a balanced body, so slimming men and women will transfer their enthusiasm to tomatoes this summer.

  ”Tomato slimming” advocates eating a tomato before meals. The food fiber contained in it is not digested and absorbed by the human body. It can prevent the body from absorbing a small amount of feces in the food while reducing the intake of rice and high-conversion. The unique sour taste of the tomato can also beIt stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, promotes gastrointestinal motility, helps to burn slightly, and helps the dietary fiber in the tomato to absorb excess aunt in the intestine, so that the feces and excretion are excreted together.

Each 100 grams of tomato contains 16 calories, even if you eat a medium-sized (250g) tomato, only 40 calories, equivalent to 1/5 of a bowl of rice.

Apples of the same weight contain 107 kcal conversions, and it is estimated that the conversion of tomatoes is less than half that of apples.

Generally, it is a basic practice to eat a medium-sized tomato before meals. It can also be replaced by 180-250cc of salt-free tomato juice, such as reducing tomato juice to make a whole tomato and vegetable juice.

But there are 4 kinds of people who are not suitable.

Autumn should eat this kind of fruit, moisten, protect the liver, raise the stomach!

But there are 4 kinds of people who are not suitable.

The three days have ended, the damp heat has faded away, and the cool autumn has finally arrived.

When we are glad that we don’t have to sweat all the time, we are faced with another kind of trouble: dry mouth and dry nose, itchy throat.

That’s right, “Autumn Dry” is coming!

Be sure to pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing in autumn!

So what do you eat in the autumn?

The health leader first pushes the pear.

One pear a day, “Qiu dry” naturally goes to pear, also known as fast fruit, which is grown in most areas, 8 per year?
Harvested in September when the fruit is ripe, fresh or sliced and dried, its sweet, slightly sour, cool, small body hides 5 magical effects: 1.

Run the lungs and dryness, relieve dry and dryness in the autumn, people can easily feel the evil and the disease, such as coughing, dry mouth and so on.

Pear is sweet, slightly sour, cool, has the effect of thirst, lungs, heat, phlegm and other effects. Drinking one or two cups of pear juice a day can alleviate dryness.


Promote gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion of pears into fiber, is the best “cleaner” upstream.

After drinking a cup of pear juice, the accumulation of harmful substances in the body can be largely eliminated to avoid constipation.

At the same time, eating pears can also promote appetite, help digestion, and have a diuretic and antipyretic effect, which can be used to replenish water and nutrients during high heat.


Nourishing yin and clearing heat, lowering blood pressure Pear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and clearing heat, and is suitable for patients with hypertension, hypertension, hepatitis and cirrhosis.


Protecting the liver, suitable for drinkers, pears contain older classes and multivitamins, which have a protective effect on the liver and are especially suitable for drinkers.


Prevention of gout, rheumatism and arthritis pears to prevent and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

Does pear have a male and female?

At the beginning, the most beneficial city surface has many varieties such as pear, tribute pear and pear. Which is the most beneficial to human health?

Yali Chinese medicine believes that pears can “run the lungs and cool the heart, eliminate phlegm and reduce fire, relieve sore, alcohol, apply to bronchitis, cough, polydipsia, constipation, etc.”

The famous Shanghai “Pear Paste Sugar” is made from Hebei Yali as a raw material. It is a traditional medicine for moistening the lungs, relieving cough, giving birth to phlegm and reducing phlegm.

Gongligong pear is delicate and juicy, and it is savory and hangover.

Xiangli Xinjiang has a statement of “Tulufan’s grapes, Hami’s melons, and Korla’s pears without residue”.

Among all the pears, only Korla’s pears are divided into pears and pears.

There are flower buds, like a long beard is a pear, and a flower bud is a mother pear.

Below the ranking, the female pear is better eaten.

Crisp pear red fragrant pear is cultivated.

The mother is Korla pear and the father is pear.

The bottom color of the pear is greenish yellow, and the 2/3 of the sunny side is bright red. The flesh is white, the meat is fine and fine, the juice is rich, and the aroma is strong.

Sha pear sand pear is cool, can treat fever, clearing away heat and detoxification.

There is a saying in Guangdong that “eat sand pears, no heat” is the best description of the nature of sand pears.

Tips: 4 ways to pick a pear, the pear skin is thin; the second is the pear umbilical depth, the range is large, the bumps are well-defined; the third is the pear-shaped regular rule, round and full; the fourth is the surface is smooth and tender, no stains, and the colorUniform.

Eat pears in autumn, it is best to stew pears, although it is fruit, but it is cold, people with weak spleen and stomach may eat diarrhea; if you want to eat, it is best to steam the pears in water, or eat them after stewing.

Here we recommend the diet of two pears: diet one: rock sugar Sydney water practice: Sydney 2, washed, peeled, go to heart, slice, crystal sugar, old tangerine peel, put together in the simmer, the fire rolledAfter another 15 minutes, you can pour out the exchange.Efficacy: Run lung and cough.

Diet therapy one: pear juice porridge practice: pear washed and chopped, juice to slag, with white rice, rock sugar into the casserole, add boiled water into a porridge.

Efficacy: This porridge can improve the baby’s immunity, as well as the effect of Shengjin Runzao, clearing away heat and relieving cough.

Can be applied to your baby’s thirst, wind, heat, cough and other symptoms.

Suitable for babies over 7 months.

Tips: Pears used to make Sydney cream, stewed rock sugar, etc., mainly pears.

Although pears are good, such people should eat less pears and have cold, and different types of pears have different degrees of cold.

After research, pears, pears and tribute pears are almost the same in terms of coldness.

Below the ranking, the skin is smooth and smooth, and the imported pears are cooler.

Deficiency of the body, cold cough should not eat pears.

If these people really want to eat, they should steam the pears in water or cook them.

Suffering from stomach cold, diarrhea, or women after childbirth, children with acne, should not eat pears.

Healthy people should not eat more at once. One pear a day is more appropriate.

There are also spleen and stomach cold, people with cold pain in the abdomen, and patients with blood deficiency, do not want to do whatever they want, and eat pears, otherwise it will easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

Today, the following four kinds of pears are interacting, what are the varieties?

What was your favorite at the earliest?

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Drinking sugar water during menstruation, will you eat fat?

The reader wrote a letter to Ms. Yu, her daughter was overweight. At the age of 10, she came to the menarche, but it was very irregular. A doctor friend suggested that she drink white sugar water sooner or later, saying that it helps the menstrual blood to be discharged.

Is there any scientific basis for this approach?

Will it increase the child’s weight burden?

A friend said that eating sweets during menstruation will not increase fat, is this the case?

  Wang Shaoling, deputy director of gynecology at Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, answered: two years after menarche, because the development of the command system is not perfect, the menstrual cycle may be irregular, or in advance or wrong, if the menstrual period is normal, the amount of menstruation is not much, as long as the menstrual period pays attentionRest, avoid high blood pressure exercise, do not suffer from cold and cold, do not recommend medication.

  Drinking white sugar water helps to excrete menstrual blood. This argument has not been verified and cannot be commented.

However, for patients suffering from cold menstrual bleeding or dysmenorrhea, I would recommend that the patient drink ginger sugar water, that is, ginger, brown sugar and boiled in water for about 5 minutes, can be used to drive cold and promote blood circulation.

  The amount of sugar water can be absorbed, but if it is excessively consumed by the human body, it will turn into unfortunate, so it is better to eat less fat.

  It is not appropriate to drink syrup during menstruation and not to gain fat when eating sweets.

During the menstrual period, blood loss will be 50-80ml, but the metabolic consumption will not increase. On the contrary, the menstrual period will reduce the activity and reduce the consumption of conversion. Eating sweets will increase metabolism, and then turn into unfortunate and fattening.

Therefore, girls must eat moderate amounts of sweets during menstruation.

If the body has these 5 performances, it may be the “predictive signal” of blood sugar, so you need to pay attention.

Nowadays, our living conditions are many times better than before. It is very difficult to solve the problem of food and clothing in the past. At present, Shanzhen Seafood and Big Fish have become the most basic diet for every household.

But while eating these delicious things, you should also pay attention to the harm caused by these, especially for our blood sugar.

Eating too much of these big fish and big meat will be our abnormal blood sugar, and high blood sugar will cause great waste to the patient’s life.

Causes of high blood sugar: 1.

Occasionally, high blood sugar does not cause much harm. If you eat a lot of sweets before the blood sugar test, you will naturally get high blood sugar.

So check out the high blood sugar, don’t worry too much.

After the interval, check again to see the blood sugar results.


Bad habits Many people nowadays prefer to eat some fast food for convenience, do not like vegetables and fruits, and long-term eating habits may lead to high blood sugar.


Environmental problems The negative ions in the air are natural factors that exist in the air, which can effectively reduce high blood sugar, but the environmental pollution causes the negative oxygen ion content in the air to decrease sharply, and the artificial negative oxygen ions are insufficient, which is also a cause of high blood sugar.important reason.

If the body has these 5 performances, it may be the “predictive signal” of blood sugar.

Irritable, insomnia, hyperglycemia, temperament, irritability, and irritability.

Insomnia is also more common, insomnia is more difficult to fall asleep or wake up early, sleep is not real, dreams, easy to wake up and so on.

This is mainly due to elevated blood glucose leading to cerebral cortical dysfunction and autonomic dysfunction.


The heartbeat is fast, the breathing is relieved, and the deep hyperglycemia indicator suddenly accelerates in the heartbeat. It is often necessary to take a long breath to be comfortable. If you find that your heartbeat suddenly accelerates, this is the performance of high blood sugar.


Increased urine output increases blood sugar, and the efficiency of conversion of food into sugar in the human body leads to an increase in blood sugar levels.

In order to protect itself, the body must discharge excess sugar through the urine, resulting in a significant increase in urine output.


Extremely thirsty urination can lead to dry mouth, and some people especially like to drink sugary drinks to quench their thirst, which is the most incorrect choice.


Elevated moody blood sugar can make people’s temper become inexplicable.

In fact, high blood sugar may also have depressive symptoms, some often feel very tired, desire to decline, do not like to do things, do not want to go out, just want to sleep and so on.

Daily health tips: 1.

Do not eat liquid food, liquid food is easier to digest, more and more patients often feel obese 2 .

Don’t eat too much sweets, eat more whole grains, and sometimes smash the head 3.

Don’t let the body lack water, usually drink plenty of water and add enough water.