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The secret of beauty and beauty is actually this Don’t look down on pigskin in pigskin. Many MMs will habitually not eat skin when eating pork. If you are afraid of too much too much, you can scrape the fat on the pigskin and just choose pigskin to eat. Because it is rich in collagen […]

Five common reasons why you lose weight

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Five common reasons why you lose weight Weight loss refers to the body weight loss caused by diseases and other factors, generally more than 10% lower than normal weight is called weight loss. Can be seen in the following situations.   (1) Appetite is normal and weight loss. Weight loss due to abnormal digestion and absorption […]

How to adjust the neurasthenia is better The occurrence of neurasthenia is caused by a long-term mental stress. The occurrence of the disease leads to memory loss and sleep disorders, which brings great harm to the health of patients. Only appropriate treatment can be selected.The method may achieve excellent therapeutic results. So, how do you […]

The stomach is flat and uncomfortable. How to relieve it? Everyone will have experience of flatulence, and flatulence will make you have no appetite and feel uncomfortable, so do you know what is going on? What are the causes of flatulence? 1 Gastrointestinal bacteria produce 25% of gastroenteritis, and patients with gastric ulcers may have […]

Chronic sinusitis prescription

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Chronic sinusitis prescription Sinusitis refers to the suppurative disease of the sinus, which is mostly chronic. The clinical manifestations are a lot of purulent secretions in the nasal cavity, nasal congestion, olfactory failure, head headache, memory loss, tinnitus, hearing loss and so on. Now the prescription is introduced as follows: 1, the goose does not […]

Tremella mushroom guide pig lean broth

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Tremella mushroom guide pig lean broth Ingredients: 25 grams of white fungus, 30 grams of mushrooms, 1 pig pancreas, 60 grams of pork lean meat.   Production: Dip the Tremella water, wash, and pick a small flower; the mushrooms are soaked in water, washed, and stalked; pig pancreas, pig lean meat washed, sliced, slightly marinated with […]

_1 Eating coarse grains properly can help you lose weight to a great extent. Weight loss measures include controlling diet and strengthening physical activity. In terms of diet conditioning, proper consumption of whole grains can meet the needs of the human body and can also lose weight instead. This is increasingly favored by people. Here […]

The most injured ear calls

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The most injured ear calls The most hurtful ears, seven ways to make a phone call, live a modern life, the development of science and technology, the mobile phone is almost a man, a fast-paced way of working, let us have “intimate contact” with the mobile phone every day, electromagnetic radiation is quietlyInvisibly hurt our […]

Ejiao tonic to prevent indigestion

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Ejiao tonic to prevent indigestion Ejiao, also known as suede gel, contains 17 kinds of elements such as collagen, collagen, protein and calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and zinc. It contains a variety of essential amino acids. Modern medical experts also found that Ejiao is good at treating various complications caused by blood deficiency, and by […]

What is the old man watching TV loves to fight? Many older people think that it doesn’t matter, love sleep is probably not sleeping well! In fact, the elderly “autumn lack” may be the signal of many diseases! If you don’t know it, it may get worse. . What is the old man watching TV […]