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How to adjust the neurasthenia is better

The occurrence of neurasthenia is caused by a long-term mental stress. The occurrence of the disease leads to memory loss and sleep disorders, which brings great harm to the health of patients. Only appropriate treatment can be selected.The method may achieve excellent therapeutic results.

So, how do you specifically treat neurasthenia?

1: The simplest of Qigong therapy is to take a little time every day to sit cross-legged on the bed, eyes closed, and to keep Dantian under the navel.

At this moment, you will rule out all the chores in your mind and let the brain get a moment of rest.

Therefore, some people say that sit-in is the best way to eliminate neurasthenia.

2: The practice of combing hair therapy proves that it is one of the effective methods to eliminate neurasthenia by combing the hair to achieve blood circulation, qi and blood circulation, hurricane dehumidification and regulating nerve function.

Combs should be combed from the forehead to the back, combed to the occiput, to the scalp, with moderate force, about a hundred times in two minutes.

3: Physical fitness and physical labor are also helpful to eliminate neurasthenia.

Therefore, appropriate physical exercise or physical labor will help improve sleep quality and relieve neurasthenia.

4: Adapt to the rhythm The activity of the human body must follow the rhythm of the biological clock to ensure physiological health.

Therefore, the method of eliminating neurasthenia first introduces a compliance rhythm. Only by arranging activities and sleep time, according to the law, can not be violated, in order to eliminate the damage of neurasthenia.

Through the above detailed introduction, I believe that everyone must have a deeper understanding.

For mild neurasthenia, psychotherapy is generally used, mainly to adjust the patient’s mood, and in addition to some physical exercise and physical therapy, it is very helpful for the treatment of neurasthenia.

I hope that everyone can achieve a deeper understanding of the above treatments.

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