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The most injured ear calls

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The most injured ear calls

The most hurtful ears, seven ways to make a phone call, live a modern life, the development of science and technology, the mobile phone is almost a man, a fast-paced way of working, let us have “intimate contact” with the mobile phone every day, electromagnetic radiation is quietlyInvisibly hurt our body, shrink, experts remind people to change seven bad phone habits: 1, private phone “hidden to the corner to whisper” for the phone involving private content, many people like to hide in the buildingThe corner of the answer.

In general, the signal coverage in the corner of the building is relatively poor, so the radiant power of the mobile phone will be increased to some extent.

For the same reason, when you are in a small, closed environment such as an elevator, you should also use your mobile phone carefully.

  2. When the phone is placed close to the ear phone and the phone is not connected, the radiation will be significantly enhanced. At this time, the phone should be separated, and the call should be made after about five seconds.

  3, the mobile phone hanging on the neck or waist The radiation range of the mobile phone is a capillary band centered on the mobile phone. The distance between the mobile phone and the human body determines the extent to which the radiation is absorbed by the human body.

Therefore, people and mobile phones need to maintain “the beauty of distance.”

Some medical experts have pointed out that people with heart failure and arrhythmia can’t especially hang their mobile phones on their chests.

If the mobile phone is often hung on the waist or abdomen of the human body, it may affect the function of the newborn.

The surrounding health and safety method is to put the phone in a carry-on bag and try to put it on the outer layer of the bag to ensure good signal coverage.

  4, the weaker the cell phone signal, the closer the ear is attached. When the cell phone signal becomes weak, many people instinctively try to close the phone to the ear.

However, according to the working principle of the mobile phone, in the case of a weak signal, the mobile phone automatically increases the transmitting power of the electromagnetic wave, so that the radiation intensity is significantly increased.

At this time, the ear is close, and the radiation received by the head is multiplied.

  5, “One ear” 煲 “mobile porridge” research shows that continuous continuous radiation may affect the brain.

Experts suggest that it is not advisable to use a mobile phone to talk continuously. Consider changing to a fixed line or using a headset. If you have to use a mobile phone for a long time to talk directly, you should also rotate the left and right ears every one or two minutes.

  6, east and west to move, and constantly moving some people like to unconsciously squat on the mobile phone, alternately move, but do not know change the mobile position will produce the strength and weakness of the received signal, resulting in short-time high-power transmission.
In addition, when the mobile phone is used in the transported vehicle, the mobile phone may provide a service for avoiding excessive replacement of the area, and at the same time, specify a wide-powered base station with a wider coverage, and the transmission power transmission is increased due to the increase of the transmission distance.

  7, long-term squat neck call studies have shown that excessive excessive tilt or rupture may lead to sexual stroke, and the protruding part of the phone is prone to sharp, because the bacteria on the phone will be infected.


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