Five common reasons why you lose weight

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Five common reasons why you lose weight

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Five common reasons why you lose weight

Weight loss refers to the body weight loss caused by diseases and other factors, generally more than 10% lower than normal weight is called weight loss.

Can be seen in the following situations.

  (1) Appetite is normal and weight loss.

Weight loss due to abnormal digestion and absorption functions, such as vomiting caused by causes other than the digestive system, diarrhea, parasitic diseases, etc.

  (2) The food intake increases and the body weight decreases.

Although eating carbohydrates, the consumption is increased, resulting in weight loss, such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes and the like.

  (3) loss of appetite, reduced food intake, body catabolism, diminished weight loss, such as: 1 systemic disease (infection, malignant tumor, blood disease), adrenal insufficiency, anterior pituitary dysfunction; 2 mental factors: depression, anorexia nervosa; 3 digestive system diseases: chronic gastrointestinal diseases, chronic liver disease, chronic diabetes diseases, etc.; (4) severe trauma and burns, often a large amount of plasma exudation, a significant increase in protein consumption;5) Some drug causes, such as thyroid preparations, long-term use of laxatives.

The characteristics of weight loss are: rough skin and lack of elasticity, muscle atrophy, reduced hypodermia, and exposed bones.

  All kinds of causes of weight loss will have corresponding clinical manifestations, such as hyperthyroidism patients, can be seen before the neck swelling, gaze, more food easy to cure, sweating, weight loss, palpitations, hand shaking, excessive stool frequency.

The weight is 10% lower than the standard weight and is weight loss.

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