When I am old, I will go to this place to keep my health and I will not regret it.

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When I am old, I will go to this place to keep my health and I will not regret it.

The Bama Minghe people always grow old.

Busy life, tired for a lifetime, when you are old, find a suitable place to health, let your old age live healthy, happy, happy.

So where should we go?

Go to Guangxi Hechi.

Hechi City, Guangxi is currently the only world-class longevity city in China. The 11 counties (districts) under its division have a world longevity town and six Chinese longevity towns.

Take Bama, the hometown of longevity in the world.

As of the end of December 2017, the Yao Autonomous County is home to 100 centenarians, and the longevity population is more than three times higher than the international assessment.

More than 80 years old can be said to be everywhere.

There are many reasons why the Bama people live longer.

But they all have a lot to do with a river.

This river is called Panyang River.

According to legend, the name of this river is called Princess Panyang of Heaven.

For a long time, many times before, the demon king went to the world to harm, and everyone who saw this place in Bama had a long life. When they looked very uncomfortable, they used the demon method of the Bama people to make the Bama people sick.

After the Princess Panyang of Tianting knew it, he turned into a sweet forest and sprinkled it into the Panyang River.

As long as people take a bath in the river and drink the water here, the body will be healthy and disease-free.

The legend of Bama’s centenarian Huang Magan is legendary.

However, the Panyang River in Bama has a custom of naked swimming since ancient times.

Every evening, there are always a group of men and women who come to the river, take off their bodies and swim in the river.

The water of the Panyang River descends from the upstream, and four sections pass through the underground river to expose the surface.

This area is a karst landform. The river flows through the ground and will carry a rich amount of trace minerals to the surface.

This trace element is very beneficial to the human body.

Therefore, the water of Bama is called the water of life.

There is also a high geomagnetic area in the Panyang River, and the negative ions in the air are also higher than other places.

Therefore, people living here are very long-lived.

There are hundreds of couples here, 100-year-old brothers and 100-year-olds.

There is also a longevity village.

The scenery on both sides of the Panyang River is beautiful and beautiful.

When you come here, you can both enjoy sightseeing and health.

Now, every year, tens of thousands of foreigners come here for sightseeing and holiday health.

The locals call them migratory birds.

In addition to Bama, Bama Baiyan Rock Cave, Duan, Tianzhu, Donglan, Yizhou, Luocheng, Huanjiang, etc. are all hometowns of longevity in China.

Such a good place, we must go when we are old, we must go to it.

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