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Ejiao tonic to prevent indigestion

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Ejiao tonic to prevent indigestion

Ejiao, also known as suede gel, contains 17 kinds of elements such as collagen, collagen, protein and calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and zinc. It contains a variety of essential amino acids.

Modern medical experts also found that Ejiao is good at treating various complications caused by blood deficiency, and by moisturizing the skin through blood supplementation, it can also regulate pregnancy, enhance physical fitness, improve sleep, brain and brain, delay aging, and promote cancer.A variety of diseases in cancer.

In particular, Dong’e Ejiao has a long history and good quality.

Ejiao is good, but if it is not used correctly, it will produce a lot of repetition.

Tonic Ejiao should pay attention to the following aspects.

  Fire prevention.

hzh {display: none; }  有些人在服用阿胶之后,会出现火气亢盛的表现,如鼻腔、口唇等部位出现许多热疮,或眼睛干涩、发红、眼眵增多,甚至出现喉咙干痛及Constipation or stool with blood and other symptoms.

The cause of the above symptoms is caused by taking fresh gelatin.

The limitations of the existing production process, the newly made donkey-hide gelatin always has some fire poison, so the incoming gelatin can cause people to have anger and various poisoning symptoms.

From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the newly made gelatin, ie, the new gelatin, should not be taken. It should be placed in the shade for more than three years, until the fire is completely exhausted before it can be taken.

  Anti-dyspepsia gelatinous greasy, easy to cause symptoms of indigestion.

The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow. If the function of the spleen and stomach is blocked, no matter how good the drug is, the human body cannot be eliminated.

Therefore, taking Ejiao, especially those with insufficient spleen and stomach function, it is best to use the medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach, which can promote the digestion and absorption of Ejiao, and the effect is naturally doubled.

  Less Zuo qi medicine The motherland medicine believes that blood deficiency is often accompanied by symptoms of qi deficiency, mainly manifested as pale complexion, shortness of breath, less gas laziness, fatigue and fatigue, easy to sweat.

Chinese medicine believes that Qi and blood can breed with each other, that is, Qi can produce blood, and blood can nourish gas. Therefore, supplementing Qi with blood can achieve twice the result with half the effort. It can be used together with Astragalus and Codonopsis.

  Applicable people Ejiao is especially suitable for patients with anemia, tumor patients and tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, weak people, irregular menstruation, pregnant women with abortion, long-term illness, middle-aged and elderly women, mental workers and so on.

Many people think that Ejiao has the effect of “treating disease, no disease and strengthening the body”. In fact, repeated Ejiao can also cause complications, such as symptoms that cause indigestion and anger.

As the saying goes: Medicine is not as good as diet.

Pay more attention to foods supplemented with protein, iron, zinc and vitamins on weekdays.

  Taboo In the case of a cold, cough, diarrhea, etc. or menstrual cramps, you should stop taking Ejiao and continue taking it after you have recovered or stopped.

In addition, according to the traditional habits, you should also avoid mouthwash during the use of gelatin, such as cold food, radish, strong tea and so on.

  The registered gelatin is easy to get wet and is not resistant to high temperatures.

The gelatin can be placed in a food packaging bag, tightly closed, and then stored in a refrigerator.

But once it is taken from the refrigerator, it must be made immediately.

The home-made good gelatin ointment needs to be sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

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