Drinking sugar water during menstruation, will you eat fat?

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Drinking sugar water during menstruation, will you eat fat?

The reader wrote a letter to Ms. Yu, her daughter was overweight. At the age of 10, she came to the menarche, but it was very irregular. A doctor friend suggested that she drink white sugar water sooner or later, saying that it helps the menstrual blood to be discharged.

Is there any scientific basis for this approach?

Will it increase the child’s weight burden?

A friend said that eating sweets during menstruation will not increase fat, is this the case?

  Wang Shaoling, deputy director of gynecology at Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, answered: two years after menarche, because the development of the command system is not perfect, the menstrual cycle may be irregular, or in advance or wrong, if the menstrual period is normal, the amount of menstruation is not much, as long as the menstrual period pays attentionRest, avoid high blood pressure exercise, do not suffer from cold and cold, do not recommend medication.

  Drinking white sugar water helps to excrete menstrual blood. This argument has not been verified and cannot be commented.

However, for patients suffering from cold menstrual bleeding or dysmenorrhea, I would recommend that the patient drink ginger sugar water, that is, ginger, brown sugar and boiled in water for about 5 minutes, can be used to drive cold and promote blood circulation.

  The amount of sugar water can be absorbed, but if it is excessively consumed by the human body, it will turn into unfortunate, so it is better to eat less fat.

  It is not appropriate to drink syrup during menstruation and not to gain fat when eating sweets.

During the menstrual period, blood loss will be 50-80ml, but the metabolic consumption will not increase. On the contrary, the menstrual period will reduce the activity and reduce the consumption of conversion. Eating sweets will increase metabolism, and then turn into unfortunate and fattening.

Therefore, girls must eat moderate amounts of sweets during menstruation.

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