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[How to deal with the crayfish is clean]_How to deal_Method

After people buy the crayfish home, they need to be carefully processed before they can be placed in the pot to form dishes.

Crayfish need to be carefully handled during processing.

Be sure to remove his internal organs first, because the internal organs are very dirty.

There are still many parasites in the body of the crayfish that need to be cleaned up, otherwise it will be transferred to people’s bodies.

So how to handle the crayfish to be clean?

1 The dirtiest belly: First of all, you must understand that the dirtiest surface on the surface of the lobster is the place of the abdominal feet, which is covered with mud, so it is not easy to clean it.

2 Strong water column rinse: first rinse the lobster with a strong water column several times, so that the soil is almost the same.

3 Scrub the abdomen with a brush: Then use a toothbrush or wire ball that is not used at home to scrub the abdomen to remove the dirt. Hold the top of the lobster with one hand to prevent your hands from being pinched.

4 It is best to wear rubber gloves: because the lobster’s pliers are particularly large and their lethality is relatively large, it is very painful to be clamped. In case, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves and brush the lobster.

5 vinegar + salt soaking: In addition to scrubbing the lobster belly with a brush, it is also necessary to scrub the whole body. After washing, the lobster is quite clean.

But this is not enough. To start cleaning the inside of the lobster, pour some vinegar, salt and water. Pour the lobster into it and soak it for 15-20 minutes.

Rinse with water several times to make it the cleanest.

6 Remove the intestines: After cleaning the lobster, remove the dirty intestines of the biological organs in the lobster.

To remove the lobster’s intestine is actually very simple. The lobster’s tail has three parts. Take the middle tail and twist it left and right, slowly pull it out, and the intestine will follow.

7 Cut the shrimp head to the viscera: The shrimp’s head has an viscera, which collects a lot of dirty things that have not been consumed. This needs to be removed.

Slightly cut a hole in the lobster bulb with scissors, do not cut directly, then you will see a yellow and black, black is the internal organs, and then you can tear off the internal organs.

8 Feet cutting: If you eat at home, it doesn’t matter if you look good, you can also cut off the extra feet of the lobster, which will be more convenient and clean.

9 Remove the intestines and internal organs, so that the lobster is completely clean and you can rest assured.

10 焯 water again: 焯 stir water before frying the crayfish. If there is a lot of foam, it turns out to be very dirty.

Then you can stir-fry the lobster. It is best to add some rice wine and ginger, which can be sterilized. After all, it is seafood, and it must be cooked thoroughly.

11 tongs hurt tetanus antitoxin: If you accidentally get hurt by crayfish tongs, if the wound is very big, unless you go to the hospital tetanus antitoxin to avoid infection.

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